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Dr. Pepper Halftime Contest During SEC Championship Leaves Fans and Viewers Ticked

by Max Long
Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

We might have our biggest controversy of college football conference championship weekend! The Dr. Pepper halftime contest set fans into a frenzy.

At halftime of the SEC Championship game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the LSU Tigers, the contest pitted a student from Baylor University with another from St. Augustine University. The pair ended the round in a tie, and then also tied during the tiebreaker. Check out the video below.

Apparently, there was a tiebreaker settled yesterday, giving the Baylor student the win. But fans in the stadium and at home didn’t know this. Loud boos echoed through Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium, and fans online were quick to point out the controversy.

Safe to say folks are not pleased with the Dr. Pepper halftime competition. North Carolina House Representative Terry Brown even got in on the action. Brown hilariously tweeted, “There needs to be an immediate inquiry into the Dr Pepper fan toss rules and I don’t trust the Fansville jurisdiction to conduct the investigation.”

Lots of viewers were calling for both students to win the prize, $100,000 in tuition money. Another fan on Twitter posted, “[Dr. Pepper] should give both girls the scholarship money. Tie-breaker done yesterday? That’s phony baloney. I’m gonna boycott Diet Dr. Pepper, which should cripple that soulless corporation. Follow me, America.

Dr. Pepper Halftime Contest Controversy Takes Center Stage

The Dr. Pepper halftime competition might have been the most competitive action of the day in Atlanta. LSU trailed the top-ranked Bulldogs 35-10 going into the halftime break.

Georgia’s first touchdown of the day came on a wild blocked field goal, and LSU apparently didn’t even realize it was a live ball. The afternoon didn’t get much better for the Tigers.

What’s more, another viewer on Twitter pointed out a SECOND controversy in the Dr. Pepper halftime show. Chris Martz tweeted, “I feel like nobody’s talking about the REAL controversy in the Dr. Pepper Challenge. Reagan (left) had one throw go in and bounce out and it still counted! What are the rules on that???”

Check out the video here and see for yourself.