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Drew Brees Was Committed to ‘Smelling the Roses’ During His Final Seasons

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

NFL star Drew Brees said that he didn’t know when he’d retire but he committed to spending his last four seasons “smelling the roses.”

New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees spent 20 seasons in the NFL. He’s the NFL leader in career pass completions, career completion percentage, and regular-season passing yards. In addition to being a star player for the Saints, he’s also become a beloved community member in New Orleans. Brees and his wife, Brittany, founded the Brees Dream Foundation. Through the foundation, they have collectively raised more than $45 million to charitable causes globally. But at the end of this past season, Brees announced that he’s stepping off the field and into retirement. During a recent interview, Drew Brees talked about the way he approached his last few seasons in the NFL.

“When you’re playing football, you’re so locked in. You’re so focused from day to day, season to season. Even in the off-season, every decision you make is based on being a football player. And what is putting you in the best decision to succeed and your team,” said Brees. “It wasn’t until I actually announced my retirement that true reflection could take place and true appreciation. I’m just so grateful to have had the opportunity to play for the New Orleans Saints. And be a part of that community.”

Drew Brees talks about his NFL career and new retirement.

Drew Brees Said That When He Enjoyed His Last Four Years In The NFL Than Any Other Time Of His Career

During the same interview, Brees added that he never knew exactly when he was going to retire, but he knew how he wanted to experience his last few seasons in the league.

“I have the most supportive wife in the world. And she’s always been like, ‘We will support you for as long as you want to play,” said Brees. “And I’d say over the last few years I recognized that I was more toward the end than I was toward the beginning. So, I just told myself probably in 2017 that I was literally going to play every season as if it were my last.”

Brees said that the strategy completely transformed his experiences with his team.

“And just pour everything I could into it. Enjoy it as much as I could. Take a little more time to smell the roses and enjoy the plane rides home, and the locker room,” said Brees. “At times, I’m so serious that I don’t take any opportunity to do that. So, when I committed to doing that, I had more fun playing football in those four years than I ever did in my career.”