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Drew Brees’ Hair Is Already the Comeback Story of the NFL Season

by John Jamison
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

It pays to be the most prolific passer in NFL history, literally. Drew Brees earned upwards of $250 million over the course of a 20 season pro football career. Now a broadcaster joining the Sunday Night Football on NBC team, Brees has apparently some of that money to good use. By that, we mean he has defied nature by having his hairline roar back into existence since retiring.

Drew Brees was never really bald, mind you. For the past 10 years or so, he has been sporting a gradually receding hairline. Hey, no judgement here. It happens to most men. But in the months since he’s retired, his hair has reclaimed significant territory on his head. Could the comeback story be as simple as removing helmets from his life? Whatever the case, his head was ready to play when it showed up at the broadcast booth.

The comparison speaks for itself. The left is a hall of fame quarterback in season, unconcerned with trivial things like the state of his hairline. The right is also a hall of fame quarterback, retired and ready for his closeup. We can’t be sure exactly what route Brees took to achieve this hair miracle. But one Twitter user seems to have an idea of what happened.

Just look at these two. Both hall of fame quarterbacks, both with receding hairlines at one point in their lives, looking glorious with their full heads of hair. That’s a winner’s mentality if we’ve ever seen one.

Of course, fans wasted no time commenting on Drew Brees’ sudden hair transformation.

“He’s gotta have at least 30k in that, but good for him. I’d do the same if I could swing it,” one Twitter user wrote.

“So there’s hope for me after all?” NFL reporter Rob Demovsky wrote.

Drew Brees Starts Football Broadcasting Career With Notre Dame Assignment

He’s one of the greatest football players of all time, and NFL fans got to see him in the booth ahead of the season opener, but Drew Brees is starting from the bottom concerning his broadcasting career. Well, not exactly the bottom. It’s still a job aspiring broadcasters would die for.

Drew Brees is taking over for Tony Dungy as one of NBC Sports’ Notre Dame announcers. He joins Mike Tirico and Kathryn Tappen to help with Fighting Irish coverage weekly. Of course, Brees is far from a Notre Dame alum. He’s a Boilermaker, through and through.

“I will say this, I will be impartial for every game with the exception of the Purdue game,” Brees said at a Notre Dame event, per NDInsider. “My bloodlines run deep with the black and gold and the Boilermakers. But on a serious note …”

Whatever jobs he lands in broadcasting, rest assured, he’s going to be looking sharp with a head full of hair.