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Drew Brees Sends Special Message to New Orleans and Rest of Louisiana as Hurricane Ida Approaches

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Drew Brees, although he retired from the Saints, still is one of the most recognizable New Orleans residents in the city.

So imagine what Drew Brees was feeling Sunday, with his adopted hometown in the path of monster Hurricane Ida. The storm was upgraded to a category four storm Sunday morning, with sustained winds of 150 mph. If she gains seven more miles in wind strength, Ida could reach cat five, the highest hurricane classification.

Drew Brees posted a projected path of Ida on Instagram and Twitter, captioning it:

“Praying for Nola and all of Louisiana during this time. May God keep us safe and secure.”

It’s Unclear Whether Drew Brees Still is In New Orleans

Thousands of New Orleans residents were fleeing the city this weekend as Ida swirled closer and closer. Cars clogged the Interstate highways leaving the state’s lowest-lying areas near the coast. The evacuation routes were away from Ida, as New Orleans residents headed to Texas or north to Arkansas. New Orleans shut down the airport, so that no flights could leave or land.

It’s unclear where Drew Brees is, whether he’s still in New Orleans or is staying in one of the family’s other homes. He starts his new job with NBC sports this week as part of the crew covering Notre Dame football.

Brees retired from the New Orleans Saints after the 2020 season. He wouldn’t commit to raising his family full-time in the city. He and his wife have four children. But Brees said he would keep a regular presence in NOLA.

He and his family lived in the Audubon neighborhood in Uptown New Orleans. The couple opened several Jimmy John’s sandwich restaurants in the area. And they also bought a sports bistro. Plus, the family bought a condo overlooking the Mississippi River and the French Quarter in a new Four Seasons Hotel.

Quarterback Signed with Saints a Few Months After Katrina Savaged New Orleans

Coincidentally, Drew Brees moved to New Orleans in the months after Katrina. He signed with the Saints in March, 2006, as the city was trying to get back on its feet. Katrina caused more than 1,800 deaths and was the costliest storm on record. Brees represented a bright spot for a city in need of so much.

When he signed, Drew Brees promised New Orleans: “We’ve got a tremendous opportunity to win and to win very quickly. I know that this town is craving a winner and you’re going to get one.”

And, with Brees at quarterback, the city’s beloved Saints started winning. In 2006, a year removed from Hurricane Katrina, the Saints won their first division title in six years. And they made it to the NFC championship.

Three seasons later, Drew Brees and company brought a Super Bowl trophy back to New Orleans.

A New Orleans resident saw Brees tweet. She wrote: “Absolutely pray for us. Just got back from church at St. Anne’s Shrine on transcontinental for an 8 a.m. Mass. And as soon as I walked in the door it started raining and wind started picking up so please pray for us. And I’m praying to God. Bless U and YR family. WHO DAT NATION.”