Drunken Pro Golfer Allegedly Assaults Officers During Public Intoxication Arrest

by Dustin Schutte

Pro golfer Travis Wadkins finds himself in some pretty deep rough after taking one-too-many shots. The “rough,” in this case, is a pair of handcuffs. The “shots” came from a bar, not on the golf course.

According to FOX 4 News in Dallas, Wadkins has been charged with assaulting two police officers during a public intoxication arrest Tuesday night. The incident took place at Terrelli’s restaurant.

Per the report, a drunken Wadkins began harassing employees at the restaurant. When police arrested the pro golfer, he spit on one officer and kicked another in the knee.

The officer who suffered the kick to her knee needed surgery following the incident.

Unsure of who Wadkins is, Outsiders? That’s not too surprising. Even our golf aficionados probably aren’t too familiar with that name. He played in just one PGA Tour event (2012) and missed the cut of the HP Byron Nelson Championship.

Wadkins has made one cut on Korn Ferry Tour, finishing T-57 in the event.

What Else is Happening in the World of Crazy Sports News?

Should we go full Happy Gilmore today? Sure, why not.

To combine the world of ice hockey and golf like Adam Sandler did oh-so masterfully in 1996, an insane hockey fight in a Canadian adult league resulted in one player taking the blade of a skate to the face. Seriously.

The reckless incident occurred in the Adult Safe Hockey League in Scotia Barn in Burnaby. It started out as a typical hockey skirmish, but one player crossed the line. He kicked an opponent in the face with his skate, resulting in injury.

The victim was treated for his injuries and police are now investigating the situation. The culprit has been indefinitely suspended from the ASHL.

“Burnaby [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] is continuing to investigate the circumstances and actions that led to the player’s injuries,” police said in a statement, per TMZ.

If you combine the actions of the drunken Travis Wadkins and this angry hockey player, you’d have a legitimate, real-life Happy Gilmore situation. Maybe it’s time for a remake?

In all seriousness, both individuals crossed serious lines in these recent incidents. Now, both will have to deal with some pretty substantial consequences.