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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Is Feeling the Christmas Spirit in New Video

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s mighty close to about that time to get into that Christmas spirit, Outsiders. Sadie Roberston from Duck Dynasty might already have you beat, we reckon.

One fan commented, “Omg! We have the same popcorn ornament and every year we hang it, it makes me so happy.”

Another fan wrote, “Come over and help me decorate, Sadie!”

Sadie Robertson Of ‘Duck Dynasty’ On Parenthood

Sadie is doing a lot these days, not just prepping for Christmas time and helping the good folks with Christmas ideas for the season. After being a parent for a little while now, Sadie spoke to E! online about parenthood and how she views each day. She said, “These days, we have this saying: We call it purpose anxiety, where we’re so anxious about what our purpose is that we’re not even living it.”

She continued, “I just want to encourage people that, hey, your purpose is not some mysterious, far out thing that you’re one day going to stumble upon. Your purpose is here and now.” This is a really important message for folks, especially during this time of year. Stay present this holiday season, Outsiders. Make sure to stop and appreciate the here and now. Sadie added, “Getting to be her mom encourages me to just be strong through whatever pain or whatever fear I’m feeling.”

Parenthood is now a driving, helpful force in Sadie’s life as she navigates parenthood and her career. She has a lot on her plate and after the experience of bringing her daughter into the world, she can offer a different perspective on this subject matter.

Sadie concluded, “It was definitely challenging and very, very hard, all the things that people warn you of, but at the same time, there’s a sweetness glazed over all of it.” There is just something beautiful about becoming a parent. Now, Sadie and her family have the good fortune of celebrating the holiday season in the best way. And you know she will be staying present with friends and family throughout.