Duck! Lee Corso Lets Loose a Live Animal on ESPN College GameDay Set

by Suzanne Halliburton
Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Lee Corso is a cherished football tradition all by himself. The entire ESPN College Football GameDay program peaks to Corso’s final pick of the biggest event of the Saturday.

And in this case, ESPN saved Oregon-UCLA game as the last choice for its college pick ’em panel. As per his usual, Corso put on the head of his favorite mascot costume. But the old coach did more than just pick Oregon and show off in the duck head. He also let loose a live duck on national television.

“We’ve got a live duck loose on set,” screamed Rece Davis. “Feathers are flying. Oh, yeah! Escaped Ducks! That could be a good omen for the Ducks.

Lee Corso Enjoys a Bro-Mance with Oregon Duck

ESPN selected Eugene, Oreg, for its Saturday stop on its traveling college football road show. And why not? Lee Corso and friends love to go live from the biggest game of the week. UCLA-Oregon certainly is the game to watch. (Check it out on Fox at 3:30 p.m. Eastern, 2:30 p.m. Central). The ninth-ranked Bruins are taking on the 10th-ranked Ducks. And oddsmakers think Oregon will prevail, establishing the Ducks as a touchdown favorite.

And Lee Corso really needs no good reason to pick Oregon so he can wear the Duck head. He’s already declared that the Oregon Duck is his favorite college mascot. But on Saturday, Corso also cuddled a live duck. Maybe it was one of Puddles’ relatives. And Corso’s duck definitely was camera shy. He almost immediately flew away as soon as Corso started talking. Then Davis, the show’s host, started yelling about flying feathers. It definitely was Duck Mayhem.

How did fans react to the Corso stunt? They loved it.

“Pure unbridled chaos. Love it,” tweeted a fan. Another replied “Nothing beats this, nothing. Timeless. Copycats can’t even come close.”

Another fan wrote of Lee Corso: “And that’s why Corso is still on the show. A love letter to Puddles and a live duck flying off the set.”

Corso missed consecutive Saturdays earlier in the season. He woke up with a dizzy spell and immediately went to the hospital. But he was back in time for last Saturday’s Alabama-Tennessee game. That zany game ended with Vols win and Tennessee fans topping the goal posts and dumping them in the river.