WATCH: Duke Lineman Shows Off Incredible Opera Voice, Teammates Go Wild

by Dustin Schutte

Ah, nothing goes together like football and … opera?! Well, OK, maybe that’s not the case for a large majority of us, but one Duke offensive lineman makes the pairing look like wine and cheese.

Duke lineman Chance Lytle showed off a big voice recently, serenading his teammates at fall camp. You might not expect a 6-foot-7, 340-pound offensive lineman to belt out a perfect opera performance but Lytle absolutely nailed it.

After closing out the tune, Lytle’s Blue Devil teammates went absolutely wild. It seemed like one of those true locker room bonding moments you might see in a cheesy sports movie.

Thankfully, Duke posted a video of the performance, blessing college football fans across the country. Even if you’re not a big opera fan, you can’t knock Lytle’s incredible pipes:

Not gonna lie, that’s a talent not many people would expect from a football player. Just another reason to avoid judging a book by its cover.

And now that Duke is aware of Lytle’s unique talent, maybe the Blue Devils can design some sort of special play around it. I mean, I’m pretty confident that an offensive lineman belting out opera at the top of his lungs would get all 11 players on defense to stop and stare for at least a few seconds.

Maybe that’s how Duke rebounds from a 3-9 campaign in 2021.

Duke Has It’s Own Hype Man, Unlike ESPN

Unless ESPN hired Adam Sandler’s “Opera Man” character from Saturday Night Live, the four-letter network does not have a staffer with the same velvety pipes as Duke’s Chance Lytle. At least not that we’ve heard.

Tha doesn’t mean ESPN can’t get in on some of the hype action, though. Last week, the sports network released its video for the 2022 college football season, getting fans amped up for the opening kickoff.


This year, the college football season kicks off on Saturday, Aug. 27 — known as Week 0. The weekend will be highlighted by a Big Ten showdown between Nebraska and Northwestern in Dublin, Ireland.