Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson Among Big-Name Golfers Set to Play in New LIV Golf League

by Tyler Mansfield

The golf world is changing – pretty significantly. While we Outsiders have been accustomed to seeing golfers such as Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson playing on the PGA Tour over the years, they won’t be anymore.

As announced this week, both Mickelson and Johnson – along with other former PGA golfers – are making a drastic career change and joining the new LIV Golf International Series. If you haven’t yet heard of it, LIV Golf was created by former Australian golf star Greg Norman with the objective of challenging the PGA Tour. The league is financed by a Saudi Arabia wealth fund.

While there were ramblings of a new international league being formed over the past few years, it’s actually here. As a matter of fact, the first LIV Golf event is set to take place very soon – starting Thursday at the Centurion Golf Club in London. The purse for the match is set at $25 million, with $4 million going to the winner. Dustin Johnson or Phil Mickelson could perhaps be one of the golfers taking home the $4 million.

Johnson, who won the 2016 U.S. Open and 2020 Masters Tournament, reportedly landed $125 million by joining LIV Golf. As for Mickelson, his deal is said to be worth “about $200 million.” According to Front Office Sports, Johnson’s $125 million for playing in the LIV series is more than the $121 million Tiger Woods has earned in his entire PGA Tour career. That alone is mind-boggling.

Dustin Johnson Fully Resigns from PGA Tour

In a press conference on Tuesday morning, Dustin Johnson announced that he had resigned from the PGA Tour to fully participate in the LIV Golf series. Although he is going to be playing for LIV, Johnson shared that he still wants to participate in PGA’s U.S. Open and Open Championship. We’ll see how that works out.

“I resigned my membership from the Tour and I’m going to play here, for now. That’s the plan,” Johnson said. “What the consequences are going to be – I can’t comment on how the Tour’s going to handle it. I can’t answer for the majors, but hopefully they’re going to allow us to play. I plan on playing there unless I hear otherwise.”

Phil Mickelson Is ‘Thrilled to Begin with LIV Golf’

While Dustin Johnson made the decision to fully resign, Phil Mickelson is reportedly keeping his PGA Tour lifetime membership. However, he is still stepping away from the PGA and partnering with LIV Golf. Mickelson, a veteran professional golfer, announced his news in a tweet on Monday.

“I am thrilled to begin with LIV Golf and I appreciate everyone involved,” Mickelson wrote. “I also intend to play in the majors. I fully realize and respect some may disagree with this decision and have strong opinions and I empathize with that.”

Following the London tournament, LIV Golf has seven more events planned for 2022: Portland (July 3), Bedminster (July 31), Boston (September 4), Chicago (September 18), Bangkok (October 9), Jeddah (October 16) and Miami (October 30).