Dwayne Johnson Set to Join Peyton and Eli on Monday’s ManningCast: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

One of the best parts about this season of the NFL has been the ManningCast. Now, on Monday, Dwayne Johnson is joining the show.

The Rock, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, is going to be side by side with Peyton and Eli Manning on Monday night. It is the first Monday night football playoff game ever. The Rams and Cardinals are going to be facing off.

There have been quite a few exciting moments from the ManningCast this season. The two brothers have invited a few guests over the season and it has almost always turned out great. Fans have taken to the simulcast show and with Dwayne Johnson coming on board, there will be a lot of eyes on the Mannings and their show.

Of course, ESPN is hyping it up over on Twitter. The guest appearance is set to be one of the biggest events of the season along with the big game being played.

Now, if the three of them come out in the fanny pack outfit that has been memed into the halls of fame, then that would be worth tuning into. The Rock and the Mannings. So, what can fans expect? Well, when it comes to football, Johnson knows more than most might think.

While he never made it to the NFL, Johnson was quite a football player in his day. He attended the University of Miami and played for the Hurricanes.

If it wasn’t for a man named Warren Sapp, perhaps Dwayne Johnson would be better known for his gridiron prowess? It will be great to hear his insight into the game. As for those fanny packs…

Dwayne Johnson Reveals What Was In Legendary Fanny Pack

With the teaser video that ESPN released, it promised on Rock, two Mannings, and three fanny packs. If there isn’t at least one, do fans riot? Jokes aside, it is interesting that the fanny pack meme is making the rounds again. The Rock discussed the iconic photo the other day.

There have been a lot of different parodies and costumes as Dwayne Johnson in the black turtleneck and chain. The San Antonio Spurs mascot decided to don the outfit. Then, thanks to a question on the Instagram post, we found out a little secret.

It turns out that Dwayne Johnson was hiding something in that fanny pack after all. That has been one of the long-lasting questions that have yet to be answered. Until now. This is a bit NSFW. However, when asked what was in the fanny pack… The Rock flipped the switch back to his WWE days and answered, “Pop Tarts and condoms.” There really is no telling if he is telling the truth or not.