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Dwayne Johnson Wants to Get Peyton Manning in the Ring: ‘Give Him a Nice Neck Adjustment’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Could you guys even imagine if Dwayne Johnson and Peyton Manning got in the ring together to throw it down? It’s obviously unlikely that it will actually happen, but Johnson told the Super Bowl-winning quarterback on Monday that he’s ready to step in the ring if need be.

That’s right, Outsiders — none other than The Rock himself joined up with Peyton and Eli Manning on the Monday Night Football simulcast. The NFC Wildcard game is between the Los Angeles Rams and the Arizona Cardinals.

Now, if you have been watching any of the Monday Night Football simulcasts during the regular season, you already know how entertaining they can be. After all, you have the Manning brothers hosting the show, and talking about a sport they both love. Not only are they both Superbowl-winning quarterbacks, but they both also have hilarious personalities as well.

Speaking of former professional athletes with hilarious personalities, who better to join the Manning brothers than Dwayne Johnson? Everyone knows him thanks to his insanely successful acting and wrestling career. But not as many remember that The Rock actually played on the defensive line in college at the University of Miami.

The official Bleacher Report Wrestling Twitter account posted one of the funniest moments of Sunday’s Manningcast.

“@TheRock says he’s gonna give Peyton Manning a Rock Bottom in the ring.”

Dwayne Johnson Wants to Get Peyton Manning in the Ring

Dwayne Johnson may want to see Peyton Manning in the ring, but that is unlikely to ever happen.

“Well, here’s the thing. We’ll take it one step further,” Johnson says in the video. “Instead of Peyton getting suplexed by a defensive lineman, how about we just get him in the ring. And it’s not a defensive lineman, it’s the most electrifying defensive lineman that never started at the University of Miami and that would be me.”

If you remember, Manning suffered multiple neck injuries during his Hall of Fame career. As a matter of fact, he underwent four surgeries on his neck due to a herniated disc. It sounds like The Rock knows, that though. In his remarks, he told Manning that he would give him a “nice neck adjustment.”

“I’m gonna hook Peyton in for a rock bottom and I will drive Peyton into the mat. And I will give him a nice neck adjustment.”

Meanwhile, NFL fans on Twitter are ready to set up a WWE event headlined by Johnson and Manning.

“The Rock is going to rock bottom him in front of millions and millions of people. Great television,” one fan said.

“Vince [McMahon] already setting up the Wrestlemania 39 event as we speak,” another fan commented.

“As a Patriots fan, I co-sign on this idea,” a third follower joked.

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