Dwyane Wade Opens Up About ‘Unbelievable’ Day With Tiger Woods, Golfed With ‘The GOAT’ Day Before Crash

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday night, former NBA star Dwyane Wade opened up about his “unbelievable” day with Tiger Woods less than 24 hours before his rollover car crash.

Wade joined the crew of TNT’s Inside the NBA last night and discussed hanging out with Woods on Monday. The pair worked together in Los Angeles shooting a segment for Golf Digest. The premise of the shoot was Woods acting as a golf instructor for celebrities, including Wade and actor/comedian David Spade.

The 3-time NBA champion shared how much he enjoyed his day with Woods. He said Woods is who influenced him to pick up a golf club and get into the sport. He described the golfer as a friendly guy who acted completely normal while on the golf course on Monday. Additionally, Wade said the two bonded while talking about their families.

“He taught me a few things,” Wade said. “Hopefully it will translate! But to be out there with the G.O.A.T in my eyes in that sport and being able to talk to him about Sam and Charlie [Woods’ kids] and his father… It was a great day.”

Wade went on to describe how he found out about Tiger Woods’ horrific car crash. He also thanked him for their time together and wished him a quick recovery.

“I took a nap and I woke up, and I woke up to the news,” Wade explained. “Just like everybody out there, my thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones because we all were shaken and shook at that moment, not knowing what happened with Tiger.”

“Just my prayers go out to him and hopefully a speedy recovery for him,” he continued. “And hopefully he gets a chance to get back to doing what he loves to do and that’s playing the game of golf. I’m just thankful that he took the time to be able to teach me a few things about the game yesterday.”

Tiger Woods Injured in Rollover Car Crash

Around 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Tiger Woods drove his SUV off the road, which resulted in a terrible rollover car crash.

Officials said that Woods traveled north on Hawthorne Boulevard at Blackhorse Road in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California before crashing. Emergency workers responded quickly to the crash where Woods’ SUV took major damage. In addition, first responders found the 15-time major champion trapped inside his vehicle and called for further assistance. Rescue workers had to extract Woods from the single-car accident since he couldn’t make it out on his own.

Following Woods’ removal from the SUV, paramedics rushed the golfer to a nearby hospital. To the relief of his fans around the world, authorities later notified the public that Woods’ injuries were not life-threatening. His agent Mark Steinberg also made a statement saying that his client “suffered multiple leg injuries.” Steinberg stated that Woods was already undergoing surgery for his leg injuries.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced more details on Tiger Woods’ crash Tuesday evening. According to the LA Times, Villanueva stated that Woods was “lucky to be alive” after sustaining serious injuries. The rollover crash that left the golfer’s SUV on its side and in pieces left Woods with a shattered ankle and two leg fractures.

One of the leg fractures was a compound fracture where the bone broke through the skin. From the pictures and videos of the car crash and its aftermath, Woods is lucky his injuries weren’t life-threatening.