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Eagles Fans Collapse Railing Nearly Hitting Jalen Hurts: VIDEO

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Jalen Hurts, nearly gets hit by fans earlier today (1/2). After the game, Hurts walks towards the tunnel to go back to the locker room. Like normal, fans are seen leaning over the metal barrier to congratulate him on the win. But the weight was too much for the railing to handle, so it gave out.

Suddenly, fans start falling on the field one after the other.

Ryan Glasspiegel has the footage on his Twitter. You can watch it below.

Luckily, Hurts didn’t suffer any injuries. And he helps everyone back up.

The New York Post also took photos of the incident to Twitter.

Eagles’ Jalen Hurts nearly hit by falling fans after railing collapses.”

In the first photo, you will see the railing start to fall. Then the second image shows fans tumbling down onto the field. And Hurts just stops what he’s doing to help them back up.

It’s not every day you witness a barrier at an NFL game break and fans fall on the field. But if that was you, would you even complain? It gives them an opportunity to step foot on an NFL football field. Although, this isn’t the most ideal way.

Ironically, someone left a comment using Hurts’ last name.

“Almost hit a guy named Hurts.”

Each fan was eventually lifted back into the stands by security. They tried to rebuild the barriers the best they could, according to New York Post.

All in all, I think it might be time for a new stadium, or at least a remodel. What do you think?

Jalen Hurts NFL Experience

Last year was Jalen’s first NFL experience and he has been eager to play since then. Hurts is on his way to becoming one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback leads this team with wins in three of their last four games, according to

In fact, if they keep winning games, this could lead him to something amazing.

The Eagles will win more games if Hurts keeps playing this way. There’ll be no need to search for a different franchise QB at this rate.

The Eagles coach, Nick Sirianni, about his dynamic running skills.

“That’s an extra added element that you have,” Sirianni said. “When your quarterback can get out of trouble and create with his legs, whether that’s a running play or a passing play that breaks down in some way, shape or form. So, that’s a huge advantage.”