Easton Oliverson, 12-Year-Old Little League World Series Player, Fighting for His Life After Bunk Bed Fall

by Bryan Fyalkowski

A 12-year-old boy competing in the Little League World Series is in stable but serious condition after a freak accident that occurred on Sunday night. Easton Oliverson fell off the top bunk in the middle of the night and hit his head on the floor. One of his teammates was awoken by the sound and immediately called for help.

Oliverson was promptly helicoptered to a local children’s hospital about 40 miles away. He had “successful” emergency surgery, but remains in critical condition. A family member shared with TMZ Sports that Oliverson is currently in a medically-induced coma.

A report by St. George News says Oliverson suffered fractures to his cheekbone and skull, and there was bleeding between his skull and the outer covering of his brain. Following surgery, he remains in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

According to the Little League World Series website, each team sleeps in a large room – similar to barracks – with 14 bunk beds and a television. “The Grove” is the building that temporarily houses the teams. The MLB website has a photo gallery from years back.

First Utah Team in Little League World Series History Will Play

Easton Oliverson’s Snow Canyon team is the first from the state of Utah ever to qualify for the Little League World Series in 75 years of the event.

Oliverson’s father, Jace, is a coach on the team. Despite his son’s accident, he urged Snow Canyon to continue pushing forward and competing toward their ultimate goal.

“While our hearts are heavy, we are committed as a team and have an opportunity to take part in something that is only dreamt about by others,” the team said in a statement, via local FOX 13 News. “We teach our players to do everything with a purpose, and that hasn’t changed. It has perhaps been added to with something far greater than ever.

“We believe in Team Utah! We believe in Team Easton!”