Eli Manning Claps Back at Brother Peyton’s Jokes at His Expense During CMA Awards

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/WireImage)

While Peyton Manning cracks jokes with Luke Bryan at the CMA Awards, brother Eli Manning is wondering why he’s catching strays. Although he isn’t even in the building, Eli has been the butt of multiple jokes tonight. When big brother gets a big platform, he’s going to use it to bash little brother.

If you have been watching the CMA Awards then you have likely heard at least one joke about Eli Manning. His brother and ManningCast cohost has hosting duties at the awards show. Peyton has really used this as a chance to practice his standup material and make sure we all had to hear “Rocky Top.”

Eli Manning Tired of The CMA Jokes

Well, after the third joke at his expense, Eli had to say something.

One fan replied with a reason why the quarterback was getting shade at the CMA Awards.

“He’s always been jealous. You won 2 Super Bowl MVPs.”

Another fan said, “I think he has at least two left in him and could audible into a third.” Fair point.

For as long as they are on TV, we will see a little bit of a brotherly rivalry between Peyton and Eli. Whether it is on their Monday Night Football show, or at the CMA Awards. Peyton really has a knack for performing live and that’s always bad for his little brother.

Eli Manning just wants to enjoy his Wednesday night, but even then he finds himself attacked. When will it end?

During the CMA Awards, Peyton and Luke Bryan have been entertaining and funny. Whether they are doing jokes about the Tennessee-Georgia rivalry in sports and everything else in life or making fun of those closest to them – it’s been good. Throw all of the great performances tonight on top of all of that and it’s been a good night for country music.

When you get so many talented people in the same room together, it makes great things happen. One of the best parts of the night had to be the tribute to Loretta Lynn. The late country music singer meant so much to the genre and her memory will live on as long as artists like Reba and Carrie Underwood are around.