Eli Manning Gave Audience the Middle Finger During Monday Night Football

by Josh Lanier

While the Eagles fell flat on Monday night against the Cowboys, Eli Manning let his birds soar. The former New York Giants quarterback flipped off the cameras during Monday Night Football as he explained what it’s like to play against Philadelphia.

Eli Manning was speaking with his brother Peyton Manning and former Eagles defensive end Chris Long on Monday Night Football Manningcast on ESPN2 when he gave the single-finger salutes. He said he learned it from a 9-year-old.

“You go to Philly, and you’re getting the double bird right away from a 9-year-old kid,” he said before posting up both middle fingers. “I would give the bird – I don’t know, can we do that? I’m sure we can blur that out, right?”

ESPN did not, and the rude gesture went out to millions of viewers uncensored.

In fairness to Eli Manning, Philadelphia is famous for having some of the wildest sports fans in the country. They booed and threw snowballs at Santa Claus during an Eagles game in 1968. They also have a tradition of chucking batteries at opposing players.

Eli played in Philly once a year as a New York Giant. And as a team leader of the Eagles’ division rivals, he probably got it worse than most. He told Peyton that the fans there said things about their mom that he couldn’t repeat on television. So, we know he at least understands that broadcasting standards exist.

Eli Manning later apologized for giving America the middle finger.

“Earlier I gave the double bird. I’m sorry. I guess that’s frowned upon,” he said later during the broadcast. “That’s what a 9-year-old did to me. I thought I could do it back.”

Cowboys routed the Eagles 41-21 Monday night.

Eli Manning Slams Peyton for Wearing Cowboy Hat on ‘Giant Head’

Eli Manning roasted his brother for showing up to one of his college football games wearing a cowboy hat. He joked with Alabama coach Nick Saban that seeing Peyton’s ‘giant head’ in the stands was distracting.

Eli was reminiscing about his playing days at Ole Miss. In 2001, the Rebels traveled to LSU, where Saban was coaching at the time, to face off in an SEC showdown. Eli Manning led Ole Miss to a 35-24 win. But the youngest Manning brother said it wasn’t the Tigers’ fault that they lost.

“I think there was one time we played down in LSU. I think you were a little distracted in that game,” Eli joked. “There was someone in the crowd with a giant head that was wearing a Cowboy hat. So, I think it was a little distracting to get that win down in Baton Rouge.”

Of course, ESPN had footage of Peyton Manning in the stands.

Peyton had to take the abuse because there’s no defending that hat. But neither brother came out looking great Monday night after Eli showed off his Shaquira dance moves.