Eli Manning Has Perfect Response to Tom Brady Saying He’d Trade 2 Rings to Have Beaten Giants in 2008

by Chris Haney

You’d think seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady would be satisfied with his career accomplishments so far, but you’d be wrong. The current Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB would make one change to his famous resume if he could.

Many consider Brady the greatest NFL quarterback of all time. It’s tough to argue considering his career statistics and playoff record. He’s won seven out of his 10 Super Bowl appearances – both are league records. However, Brady does have a few losses on his almost impeccable playoff resume. In fact, there’s one season, in particular, he’d give up quite a bit to have a do-over.

Recently, Tom Brady shared that he’d give up two of his Super Bowl rings to have gone undefeated in 2008. The New England Patriots famously lost out to Eli Manning and the New York Giants, leaving New England with a painful 18-1 record on the season. They won every single game except the one that truly mattered: Super Bowl XLII.

When asked if he’d trade two Super Bowl wins for a 19-0 undefeated season in 2008, Tom Brady simply answered, “I would. 100 percent.” Manning himself caught wind of Brady’s recent comments and had to chime in.

“Never,” Manning hilariously responded to the hypothetical trade.

Tom Brady and New England Still Haunted by Near-Perfect 2008 Season

13 years ago, the New England Patriots were in the middle of their decades-long dynasty. The team had already won three Super Bowls (2002, 2004, 2005). Yet they somehow ramped it up another notch in 2008. With the addition of Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss, Tom Brady finally had a dominant wideout to throw to. The team seemed to click on all cylinders that year.

The Patriots went 16-0 in the regular season and carried their impressive form into the playoffs. After a first-round bye, they went on to win their next two playoff games. New England was undefeated at 18-0 going into Super Bowl XLII.

Additionally, they had a chance to surpass the ’72 Miami Dolphins as the only undefeated, Super Bowl-winning team in NFL history. Technically the Patriots would’ve had a leg up on their record. The Dolphins only played 14 regular season games back then. So they finished the year as champions going 17-0. New England had to win two extra games, which would’ve arguably cemented their position as the greatest team in NFL history.

Yet Eli Manning and the Giants had other ideas. The NFC champs shocked the world with their last drive of the game. New York marched 83 yards down the field in the last 2 minutes of the game. The game-winning drive was highlighted by Manning scrambling away from multiple defenders and launching a pass to David Tyree. The receiver’s leaping one-handed catch against his helmet – appropriately known as “The Helmet Catch” – is undoubtedly one of the most amazing NFL moments ever recorded.

Yet Tom Brady obviously doesn’t look back on that day as a fond memory. In addition, New York handed Brady his second Super Bowl loss four years later in 2012. Manning and the Giants are responsible for two of Brady’s three Super Bowl losses, and they clearly still irk the legendary quarterback.