Emmanuel Sanders Has Perfect Reaction After $500,000 Catch

by Atlanta Northcutt

NFL players may seem different than us, regular folks. However, New Orleans Saints wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders delivers a very honest, human reaction after receiving a $500,000 catch.

If you made a catch with a $500,000 incentive, what would your reaction be?

Emmanuel Sanders Receives a $500,000 Catch

Following Emmanuel’s eighth catch of the game against the Carolina Panthers, he couldn’t help but celebrate.

Although this is only his first season with the New Orleans Saints, Sanders is not new to the game. In fact, this is his 11th season playing football, and the Saints are the fourth team he’s played for.

During the previous season, he helped the San Francisco 49ers become runner-up to the Super Bowl.

The all-star wide receiver already has a Super Bowl win under his belt while playing with the Denver Broncos.

Sanders Signs With the Saints

Emmanuel Sanders is now looking to tackle another Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints after signing a two-year contract worth $16 million in April.

The Saints head coach Sean Payton understands the worth of his players, making sure to add incentives to the achievements they make and setting high expectations for his team.

Sanders received the ball, gaining the $500,000 bonus. His teammates expressed excitement and encouragement for the player’s great catch and great check. Coach Payton gave Sanders a good pat on the back for his success on the field.

A Milestone Half-a-Million Dollar Moment

Nothing was as exciting as knowing he’d caught the $500,000 ball successfully as he fell to his knees and began to celebrate.

Although some field celebrations may be seen as cocky, Emmanuel’s was viewed as an obviously truthful reaction to the success of his achievement.

It was a milestone moment for Sanders seeing as he didn’t only receive the $500,000 stated in his contract with the Saints, but he achieved his 60th reception of the season.

Way to go, Emmanuel! We’re celebrating with you.