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Environmental Group Plans to Sue Drew Brees Over Lightning ‘Misinformation’

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Drew Brees has been thunderstruck. Well, maybe not literally, but the former NFL quarterback’s little marketing stunt a few days ago might result in a lawsuit, according to OutKick.

A Venezuelan environmentalist plans to sue Brees over lightning misinformation. Because, apparently, that’s a real thing these days.

Brees went viral after a video he shot with PointsBet drummed up controversy. A video promoting the gambling site’s “free lightning bets,” showed the former New Orleans Saints star getting struck by lightning. Some believed Brees was in serious danger because of the video.

Shortly after concerns started growing about Brees’ well-being, both the quarterback and PointsBet provided more information. That’s when it was revealed that the lightning strike was simply done in the name of marketing.

Environmentalist Erik Quiroga didn’t find anything about the video too funny. Now, he’s planning to sue Brees over the stunt.

“It demonstrates a disinformation campaign about one of the most extraordinary meteorological phenomena on the planet, turned into advertising merchandise without any scruples,” Quiroga told El Pitazo, a Venezuelan news source.

“[This] deserves the strongest repudiation and pronouncement of the relevant organizations to initiate a lawsuit against Drew Brees and the promoters of the media show, to stop the infamous campaign against Catatumbo Lightning and indemnify the inhabitants of the Catatumbo municipality, who will be affected by the negative impact of the media show.”

This has already taken quite a plot twist, hasn’t it?

Lightning Victims Organization Puts Drew Brees on Blast

Erik Quiroga isn’t the only one who found Drew Brees’ stunt in poor taste. A lightning victims organization also put the former NFL superstar on blast for the act.

“The recent Drew Brees lightning commercial is an inappropriate, disgusting method of promoting gambling or any TV commercial campaign,” a statement from LSESSI reads.

“This is a deadly injury, and it is disappointing to see the continual ridicule of lightning and electrical injury survivors in comical light in which it is presented for commercial gain and profit.”

PointsBet and Brees might’ve not had bad intentions in mind during the shoot. Clearly, though, this promotion didn’t sit well with everyone.

It’s probably the last time anyone falsely claims to get struck by lightning.