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Erin Andrews Was Extremely Surprised About Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley Engagement: ‘Really Kept That Quiet’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Erin Andrews told a fan that she was really impressed with how Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley hid their romance from the public. The Fox Sports analyst said they “really kept that quiet.”

She admitted she was as blindsided by the revelation as the rest of us.

Andrews was appearing on Watch What Happens Live when a fan called in hoping Andrews had gossip on the private couple.

“(Packers quarterback Rodgers) kept that undercover,” she said. “Wow, he really did. There was kind of rumors I think that they were dating, but yeah I had no idea. And then he unveiled it at his MVP speech.”

Rodgers did announce his engagement in his MVP speech, but it was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it revelation.

“It’s an honor to win this award for the third time,” Aaron Rodgers said in his acceptance speech. “2020 was definitely a crazy year, filled with lots of change, growth, some amazing memorable moments. 180 straight days of having my nose hairs scraped. Playing for very little fans or no stands the entire season, I got engaged, and I played some of the best football of my career.”

He then went on to thank actress Jodi Foster, which in retrospect seems like it was intended to throw people off. The public relations equivalent of the Statue of Liberty Play.

It’s a month later, and the public still knows little about the couple’s relationship. They’ve managed to keep their private lives private. That’s something Rodgers, 37, didn’t try for with his high-profile relationships with former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick and actress Olivia Munn.

Erin Andrews Defends ‘Drunk TB12’

Erin Andrews said it was “the best ever” to see Tom Brady let loose and have some fun after winning his seventh Super Bowl. Cameras caught Brady dancing on a boat, seemingly drunk.

“He just looked like a little kid,” she said of Brady. “… But he was just kind of walking off the boat with a big smile. It was awesome to see.”

Brady has caught flak from several people who’ve complained about his behavior at that Super Bowl Bowl celebration. Mostly because he threw the Lombardi Trophy from one boat to another over open water.

Tampa Bay tight end and The King of Football Parties Rob Gronkowski defended Brady from a recent complaint.

“That is how you celebrate a Super Bowl because he has celebrated six other times, so like, you’ve got to step it up a little bit when you’re at a parade,” he said in a recent interview. “And this was a boat parade, and he wanted all his teammates because he is a good team player. He wants all his teammates involved, and he’s held that trophy many times, so he’s like, ‘man, I want my teammates to hold the trophy that have never held it before, so that is why he tossed it to Cam.”