Erin Andrews Once Got ‘Smacked’ in the Jaw By Baseball at MLB Game

by Will Shepard

Kelly Clarkson had Erin Andrews on The Kelly Clarkson Show to chat about her life. Andrews is one of the most well-known sports reporters in the U.S., and her stories abound. She covers everything from the NFL to the MLB, even venturing into dancing and country music.

So, there were a lot of possible topics for Kelly Clarkson to ask her about. But, it seems like the host’s inner child won out and she asked a pretty simple question. She asked Erin Andrews, “Have you ever been hit by a sports ball?”

Erin Andrews smiled and launched into a short story about an incident in a Major League Baseball game. This happened during a game in the 2009 season when she was working with ESPN.

“I’ll set the scene for you. I was on [the] third base side, so that’s right where third base is. First, second, third, home,” explained the sportscaster. “Third base side, a guy hit a line drive, which means straight across.”

“There was nothing that broke, like, where the ball was coming. The security guard that was with me actually ducked when it came my way, and I went like this,” Erin Andrews motions with her body that she turned away instead of ducking. “It smacked me, clear as day, in the mouth.”

Erin Andrews Has a “Jaw of Steel” According to the Doctor

The audience then is shown a picture of the massive bruise on her chin. Erin Andrews sarcastically says, “Hot!” as the picture shows up on the screen. Nonetheless, Kelly Clarkson is blown away by the picture. She can’t help but say, “Holy moly!” But, the sportscaster isn’t finished with her story and continued.

“It bounced off my face and landed behind me, but I was fine. The doctor said I had a jaw of steel if you know what I mean,” Erin Andrews joked.

Kelly Clarkson then said that if it happened to her, she would probably brag about it too. Anyone that attends any sporting event and has something similar happen will do the same.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a five-year-old kid or a completely mature adult everyone brags about the sporting incident that happens to them. They get to wear it like a badge of honor. And in Erin Andrews’ case, she really did have a badge of honor to wear around.