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Erin Andrews Gets ‘Sensitive’ Before Interviewing Losing Super Bowl Teams

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Tom Pennington/ Getty Images)

Erin Andrews is one of the best in the broadcast business, but even she admitted it hard to interview people in somber situations.

The 42-year-old bombshell ESPN broadcaster has been on camera for some of the biggest sporting events each year. However, she notes one time when her job is more challenging.

Erin Andrews joined The Kelly Clarkson Show for a special episode called “Ladies of Sportsball,” in which they had to feature the icon first and foremost.

Erin Andrew Seeks Help From An Unlikely Source

Andrews notes that her father, who is also a journalist, will text her with constructive criticism while on air. And while sometimes it is helpful, there is one instance where Erin Andrews panics.

“He watches the game,” notes Andrews. “He’ll always say, ‘Slow down. You’re talking too fast. Put the mic closer to your face.’ But then I start to panic if I have a losing interview or if I know I have a big, you know, interview coming up, he’ll be like, ‘Ask him this. Ask him this.’”

While interviewing upset athletes is one thing, asking them after they just lost after the Super Bowl is completely different. Erin Andrews notes that it is the “hardest” interview she has to conduct.

“It is hard. And the hardest one that I always have to do is the Super Bowl. For some reason, I always choose the losing coach, and you have to interview the losing coach at the end of the Super Bowl.’”

Erin Andrew has pity for the losing team, however, her father quickly reminds her to remain unbiased. She must “be direct” and question them as if it were any other game and not the most significant one of the year.

“This is the biggest game of their life And these poor guys, I mean, I get so sensitive when I see them walk in, and they are just like, ‘Hi, Erin.’ and my dad always texts me, ‘Don’t look sad. Don’t look sad, and stop talking soft. You have to be like direct.’ And I’m like, ‘Dad. They’ve just lost the biggest game of their life.’ It’s real hard.”

First Job After College

Furthermore, Erin Andrews admits to Clarkson that she doesn’t know everything about every major sport. Her first job after graduating from The University of Florida has to do with hockey, a sport she didn’t know much about.

“I’m from the South. I’m from Florida. Like I knew college football, and my first job was with an NHL team. I knew nothing about hockey when I got my first job. I acted like, you know, I knew the part. Like I read CliffNotes like Hockey For Dummies right before my first job interview to try and wow them, and they knew I was full of it, and I didn’t know what I was talking about, but I was like, “I’m gonna work so hard. You’re gonna love me.’ Girl, look at us now!”

Talk about a come-up!

Erin Andrews obviously didn’t do too bad because she made it back to her dream sport for one of the top sports channels on television!