Erin Andrews Speaks Out About Panic-Inducing Experience During NFL’s Week One: ‘Full Blown Anxiety’

by Jonathan Howard

Week One of the NFL is a busy time of year for sports reporters, and their drivers. Erin Andrews had a scary experience while en route to the Packers game. One moment you are going about your business, trying to do the prep necessary so you can cover a huge opening week game – then you hear snoring.

That’s right, Erin Andrews was conducting some calls, including with Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers – during a conference call she heard something very strange.

Driver ‘Fell Asleep at the Wheel’

“I’m typing, headphones are working, we’re good. I hear snoring. I know it’s not Greg Olsen, Kevin Burkhardt or Aaron Rodgers snoring. It’s my driver who fell asleep at the wheel. On a highway from Chicago!” the reporter explained.

She explained her story further with iHeart Radio podcast host Charissa Thompson on “Calm Down with Erin and Charissa.”

For anyone that has not fallen asleep while driving or had the person driving the car you’re in fall asleep – it’s terrifying. The experience is enough to jolt you awake if you’re lucky enough to realize what is going on before it’s too late. Erin Andrews had to stop what she was doing to make sure her driver woke up.

“Moving. 65 miles an hour,” Andrews went on. “I am so thankful I put my phone on mute because we’re on a Zoom. I put my phone on mute and I go ‘ARE YOU EFFING SLEEPING?!’ Wakes up, Clark Griswold, it was awful. So now I have the quarterback of the team I’m trying to work on [on the phone], I’m trying to take notes. I have full-blown anxiety. This is not the way I want to go down. This is not the way I want to die. . .”

Erin Andrews Grabs a Coffee

Right after that experience, you have to pull over. It’s the best thing to do. I fell asleep at the wheel driving to an official visit at Indiana Wesleyan once – pulled over and down a monster in a Jasper, Indiana parking lot. Do what you gotta do. For Erin Andrews that meant making her driver pull over at the nearest place to grab a coffee.

“After Aaron [Rodgers] gets off, I go ‘pull over at a Starbucks,'” Andrews said. “I make him pull over at a McDonald’s. I go in, I get him a coffee. He doesn’t drink it. The entire car ride I am like ‘ahem ahem ahem’ monitoring if he’s sleeping at the wheel.”

We’re just glad everyone is alright. Let’s get this driver a Red Bull sponsorship or something, eh?