ESPN Analyst Ben Watson Storms Off Set After College Football Host Cracks Wife Joke: WATCH

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Usually, college football fans tune into ESPN to see the drama that occurs on the field each and every Saturday. Last week, though, the real drama that captured everyone’s attention actually happened inside the studio.

During a halftime report on SEC Network, things got pretty heated between host Peter Burns and analyst and former NFL star Ben Watson. At one point during the studio segment, the panel made a joke about Watson’s suit choice. That’s when the former Georgia standout said only one opinion mattered to him.

“As long as I get the text from my wife that says I look good — send me the text, babe!” Watson said.

That’s when Burns chimed in, “That’s not the one she sent me.” While it was intended to be a joke, it clearly didn’t go over well with Watson, who stormed off the set and created an awkward moment during the halftime report.

Needless to say, Burns probably won’t be making another joke like that anytime soon.

In the second-to-last weekend of the season, there was plenty of excitement in college football. But the one thing everyone discussed most was the awkward scene that unfolded on SEC Network.

Peter Burns Apologizes to Ben Watson Over Joke

After the video of Ben Watson storming off the set went viral on social media, Peter Burns was quick to apologize for his comments.

“While it was a joke, the truth is that I crossed the line, you should never joke about family so I owe a public apology to Ben & Kirsten 100%,” Burns said in a tweet. “(Ben) couldn’t have handled it better with his humor and class. We all good & proud to call him a friend & coworker.”

Watson publicly accepted Burns’ apology and is ready to move on.

“Apology accepted. We are moving on,” Watson wrote on Twitter. “See you Saturday man. We have some big games to discuss!”