ESPN’s Bart Scott Bets He Will Shave an Eyebrow Off If Eagles Beat the 49ers

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic)

Week two of the NFL season has barely started and already ESPN’s Bart Scott has laid down the wildest bet of the season. While appearing on ESPN’s Get Up the former NFL star put a lot of faith in the San Fransico 49ers. The Niners have an upcoming matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles. Scott thinks it is such a sure thing, he bet his right eyebrow on San Fransisco.

Bets can get wild during football season. Fantasy football leagues are notorious for wild and crazy bets. Remember that guy who spent 24 hours in a Waffle House earlier this year? Now, Bart Scott is trying to raise the bar on NFL bets. Putting his eyebrow on the line is a bold move, and he better hope the Eagles don’t find the motivation to overcome the 49ers.

Watch him in the Tweet below.

After week one, it is a really risky bet to make. When it comes to the Eagles, week one didn’t tell anyone anything. They faced the awful Atlanta Falcons and ran away with the game 32-6. While it sounds impressive, the effort didn’t tell much about the strengths and weaknesses of Philly. All it did was reveal how poor the Falcons are this early in the season.

As for San Fransisco, week one told a different story. Up against the Detroit Lions, the 49ers had to put up 41 points to hold off the Lions’ 33. The good news, this offense is capable of putting up 41 points. The bad news, they gave up 33 points against the Lions. A good, but not a great team. With that said, Jared Goff put on an absolute show and almost led an insane comeback in the fourth quarter. His 338 yards were impressive.

Las Vegas Agrees with Bart Scott, Sorta

If you are Bart Scott, you have to feel pretty good about the bet. While the 49ers’ defense had some holes in it, they did enough to hold off the Lions. They should be able to hold off an offense led by a less experienced quarterback in Jalen Hurts. While he had a really strong week one, this will be a much better test for the young QB.

Also, Las Vegas has Scott’s back. The line right now is sitting at -3 in favor of San Fransisco. With the total set at 50.5, the bookmakers are expecting this to be a decent scoring affair. They do not believe these teams will go north of 30 again this game. So, with the total and spread where they are, the expected score is expected to be about 26-23 in favor of the Niners.

While you can make your own decisions around what team you want to take, this feels like a game where San Francisco is undervalued. However, if Hurts comes out and starts slinging the ball around and connecting with his receivers, the Niners might not have time to respond. They were able to hold off Jared Goff long enough, but it could be more than just Goff’s talents that plague the San Fran secondary.

Bart Scott better hold onto his eyebrows, because this game is anything but a guarantee.