ESPN’s Rece Davis Reveals His Top-Three Favorite Celebrity Guest Pickers on College GameDay

by Dustin Schutte

One of the premier segments on ESPN’s College GameDay is the show’s Saturday Selections. Each week during the college football season, Rece Davis asks Desmond Howard, Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit and a celebrity guest to make their picks for the afternoon’s biggest games to close out the show.

Plenty of recognizable faces have joined Rece Davis and the GameDay crew to make Saturday Selections. Eric Church, Kane Brown and Zac Brown are just a few country music stars Outsiders might recognize who have appeared on the show. But when Davis was asked for some of his favorite celebrity guests over the years, none of those names made the cut.

Davis’s top-three included actors and comedians.

“Keegan-Michael Key, Ken Jeong and [Matthew] McConaughey,” Davis told the Gramlich and Mac Lain podcast. “I mean, Ken Jeong’s line, which I’m afraid to repeat, because his wife’s last name could be misconstrued. If you don’t know what I mean, just go back and watch the Michigan State pick. … It was pretty funny. And he’s such a good dude.”

Jeong did provide one of the most memorable lines in the history of College GameDay. The moment, which occurred just before kickoff between Michigan and Michigan State in 2021, went viral on social media.

Davis also mentioned the hilarious antics of Key while explaining why he’s a top-three candidate. In his 2017 appearance on College GameDay, the actor and comedian mimicked Penn State head coach James Franklin perfectly.

“I love Keegan,” Davis said. “Keegan’s been great over the years and done some really cool stuff for us, including his James Franklin impersonation. He did it so well when we were live from Times Square … and he basically trash-talked Iowa. James had to do the postgame press conference and say, ‘I didn’t say that.’ It was awesome.”

Finally, Davis put McConaughey in the mix with Key and Jeong. He didn’t provide much of an explanation, so we’ll just assume the star actor is just a cool guy.

Does Davis’s list match yours? If not, which celebrity guest appearances stand out most to you?

Rece Davis Also Names Top College GameDay Locations

Rece Davis is about to enter his eighth season as the host of ESPN’s College GameDay. Along with meeting some pretty awesome celebrity guests, he’s traveled to some unique locations as a member of the crew.

In the same podcast episode of Gramlich and Mac Lain, Davis provided his top-three locations for the show. His answers might surprise some folks.

“One is going to be the Palouse, Washington State. I doubt there will ever be a GameDay that was more moving and meaningful for me,” Davis said. “For 15 years, they had taken that flag to every show. To see the joy they had in showcasing their campus, university and team — that day was overwhelming.”

The trip to Washington State in 2018 marked the show’s first-ever visit to the school.

Davis mentioned an FCS program as his next-favorite spot to shoot College GameDay. He closed out his list by giving a nod to Clemson – although he said any SEC program would be a suitable answer, as well.

“James Madison, because of the gargantuan crowds and picturesque setting, was a great place to do GameDay. And then I think — look, you could choose Clemson or anywhere in the SEC and not be wrong — I would probably say Clemson. It’s a fun place to go.”

Interestingly, Davis did not mention Ohio State, Alabama, LSU or Florida, the four locations College GameDay has visited most.