ESPN Reporter Enjoys Bloomin’ Onion During Hilarious Live Shot at Outback Bowl

by Charles Craighill

It’s hard to enjoy a football game without a cold beer and some apps. ESPN reporter Cole Cubelic can relate directly with that statement. In the middle of the Outback Bowl between Ole Miss and Indiana, the sideline reporter helped himself to some delicious bloomin’ onion while on air. The camera didn’t stop him, even once he noticed it.

“What team are you on,” Cubelic asked through a mouthful of food. “Bloomin’ onion or coconut shrimp?”

That question was the same question Cubelic asked Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin in an interview before the game last night. His fellow ESPN reporters understood the joke but reprimanded him for eating on the job. But really, who can blame him? Bloomin’ Onion is worth it.

Bowl Season on ESPN

Without a doubt, this bowl season feels different than any other. Without tens of thousands of screaming fans, some players have difficulty finding the motivation to compete in these final, ultimately meaningless games.

Each team shows up the day before the game and leaves the day after, much like a business trip. Due to the ongoing pandemic, players cannot enjoy the cities in which they play. Some teams and players have even opted out of their bowl games entirely.

Due to the College Football Playoff implemented in 2013, some argue that bowl games have lost their edge. With teams like the University of Georgia who expect to make the playoff every year, even an ESPN BCS Bowl seems like a letdown.

Now, as the 2020-2021 bowl season comes to a close, we can all hope that next year’s football season comes with a tad bit more normalcy than this year. While the level of competition has remained fairly high, the protocols and restrictions of this pandemic have definitely made it more difficult to enjoy.

With that said, the ESPN reporters like Cubelic definitely enjoy the fruits of each city… or vegetables in this case.