ESPN’s Robert Griffin III Set to Replace Randy Moss on Network’s ‘Monday Night Countdown’ Show

by Nick Geddes

Robert Griffin III’s post-NFL life has taken him down a popular route: broadcasting.

And thus far, he’s been a quick riser. Griffin III has been prominently featured on ESPN’s weekly shows and served as a color commentator next to play-by-play man Mark Jones during college football season. ESPN is looking to take advantage of Griffin III’s talents, reportedly set to give him a seat on one of its biggest shows.

Per Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Griffin III will replace Randy Moss on ESPN’s “Monday Night Countdown.” Moss vacated his seat on Friday, opening the door for a replacement. Moss did so voluntarily while he negotiates a new contract with ESPN.

Griffin III took to Twitter Monday to announce the decision. ESPN has yet to formally make the announcement.

“Loved being on stage with Randy last season,” Griffin III wrote. “He has always been gracious with his time and knowledge of the industry. Thankful for him and this opportunity.”

Robert Griffin III’s Football Return Closed for Business?

Robert Griffin III, 32, spent seven seasons quarterbacking from 2012-20. He spent time with the Washington Commanders (2012-14), Cleveland Browns (2016) and Baltimore Ravens (2018-20). He made his lone Pro Bowl appearance during his rookie season and was named the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year. Injuries derailed his career, but as recent as last week, Griffin III was open about a possible return.

Speaking with KWTX in Waco, Texas, Griffin III said he was “ready to play.”

“I am ready to go right now,” Griffin III said. “I train every day, I throw and workout. “I know what it takes to get my body ready and I am doing those things.”

He continued: “So, if I get that call this year, next year, or five years from now I will be ready to play.”

Taking on a larger role at ESPN won’t preclude him from bolting back to the NFL. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported last fall that Griffin III has an out in his contract to pursue an opportunity if it arises. Any opportunity will likely be in a backup role, as he did for the Ravens’ Lamar Jackson when he was last in the league.