ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins Pushes Back on LeBron James Saying Boston Fans are Racist

by Nick Geddes

Having spent eight years with the Boston Celtics, Kendrick Perkins knows the fanbase as good as anyone.

And that’s why he’s pushing back on Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James saying that Boston fans are “racist as f***.” Perkins admitted on ESPN‘s “First Take” Monday that while Boston fans are “disrespectful,” he never experienced racism.

“There’s racism everywhere,” Perkins said, via Anthony Farris of “…I spent eight and a half years there, and maybe [it’s] because I was on the Celtics, [but] I didn’t experience racism.”

Perkins questioned why James, who owns a minority stake in the Boston Red Sox, would partake in ownership of a team in a city he deems racist.

“Why would you even want to address or have ownership into an organization that you would consider a city of being racist,” Perkins said. “That’s my question to LeBron James. Like, you own a percentage of the Boston Red Sox.”

Perkins continued: “Do we overlook the bigger picture when it comes down to actually making money. If we’re going to sit on here on one hand and say that the fans of Boston are racist, but on the other hand, you own a percentage of the Boston Red Sox, I’m kind of confused in that aspect.”

LeBron James is not Fond of Boston Sports Fans

On the latest episode of HBO‘sThe Shop: Uninterrupted,” LeBron James was critical of the fans in Boston. James said he hates making the trip to “Beantown” and that the fans are racist.

“Cause they’re racist as f***,” James said. “They will say anything. And it’s fine. It’s my life, I’ve been dealing with it my whole life. I don’t mind it. I hear it. If I hear somebody close by, I check them real quick, then move onto the game. They’re going to say whatever the f*** they want to say.” 

Similar sentiments have been echoed by other NBA players, as recent as during the NBA Finals this year. Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson was especially critical of the TD Garden crowd after Game 3.

“We’ve played in front of rude fans before,” Thompson said. “Dropping F-bombs with children in the crowd. Really classy. Good job Boston.”