ESPN’s Laura Rutledge Cringes at Russell Wilson’s ‘Let’s Ride’ During Interview

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

Russell Wilson’s latest “Let’s Ride” slogan has caught the chagrin of many NFL fans, accusing him of many cringeworthy moments.

ESPN’s Laura Rutledge seemed to cringe at Russell Wilson saying “let’s ride” at the end of his postgame interview after the Denver Broncos victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars in London.

Wilson now says the phrase before wins and losses. After the Broncos squeaked out a close victory over the Jaguars, Rutledge should’ve known it was coming.

As Russ says his classic line and walks off, Rutledge looks down and tries to avoid laughing.

Rutledge’s ESPN colleagues noticed Rutledge’s reaction to Wilson’s “Let’s Ride.”

“Boogie about to Laugh her a** off. I know this Pre bust of laughing look,” Marcus Spears tweeted.

The veteran kicker mocking Wilson’s absurd plane workout routine that made him the laughing stock of sports Twitter this past week.

The video begins with Marlon saying hey to Justin Tucker and asking him to say something for the camera. Tucker responds by asking: “What are we doing on the plane ride home? I heard Lamar’s leading us in high knees.”

He then made sure to clarify the reference, putting his own spin on the “Broncos Country, let’s ride” slogan Wilson adopted. Tucker said: “Ravens flock, let’s fly.”

Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker Trolls Russell Wilson

However, that’s not all. Not only does Tucker troll Wilson for his cheesy slogan and over-the-top exercises while flying with the team, he took another subtle dig at the QB.

“We’ve got to play him, we respect him, we like him,” he adds sarcastically. The comment seems to reference how Wilson has reportedly alienated many players in the past, who don’t like Russ all that much.

Humphrey laughs and ends the clip after reciting Russell’s “Unlimited” catchphrase.

As of right now, Justin Tucker has plenty of reason to tease the Denver Broncos. The Broncos sit at an abysmal 2-5 record. This offseason, the organization and fan base had high hopes after signing star quarterback Russell Wilson from Seattle.

However, things just haven’t worked out the way they were supposed to. Through seven games so far, the team has scored just 100 points and a mere eight touchdowns. There’s only been one time the franchise had scored fewer points at this point in the season, which was 1966, when they scored 91 at this point.

We’ll see if the Broncos will rebound out of the country when they face off against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who also sport a 2-5 record on the season.

The Broncos and Ravens are set to square off later in the season on December 4th in Baltimore. We can imagine that Justin Tucker won’t be the only person trash-talking on the Ravens’ roster during that matchup.