ESPN’s Paul Pierce Being Sued by Former Weed Grower

by Josh Lanier

Never bite the hand that weeds you. It’s a lesson former NBA legend Paul Pierce seemingly hasn’t learned yet.

Kenneth Johnson is suing Pierce for thousands of dollars, according to a new lawsuit, TMZ reported. Johnson said Pierce hired him to get a marijuana growing operation off the ground. Johnson said he was hired in 2016 to “design and develop a warehouse to cultivate cannabis from inception to completion,” the suit alleges.

Pierce agreed to pay him $10,000 a month and move him to L.A. to get the operation going, Johnson said. But after Johnson got to the West Coast, he claims via TMZ, that Pierce had altered the deal.

His pay would only be $4,000 a month, but it would rise to the full $10K once they’d matured the product enough to sell.

That was proving to be difficult, Johnson said, because the former leader of The Big Green Machine didn’t have much of a green thumb. The grower says Pierce cut corners and didn’t even plant the pot until later 2018, two years after he had arrived and built the warehouse.

The men argued over the money Johnson says Pierce owes him, but Pierce refused to budge. Johnsons wouldn’t get his full pay until the first harvest, the suit alleges.

Johnson left the company in 2019. He says Pierce still owes him $42,000 in unpaid wages. Johnson is suing for that back pay, unpaid overtime, and violations of California labor laws.

Paul Pierce Has Line of CBD Products Called ‘The Truth’

Yahoo! says Paul Pierce began promoting his own line of CBD products called “The Truth” in 2019. He said the oil helped him with the pain after he was stabbed multiple times in 2000. And it also helped him cope with the anxiety that followed it for years.

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance that is derived from cannabis plants, the Boston Herald said. It won’t get a user high.

Pierce also has a line of CBD vape pens called Vape Vesper.