ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Teases Running for President in Future

by Nick Geddes

ESPN‘s Stephen A Smith could soon be looking to take his top-notch debate skills to a bigger audience.

Smith has mastered the art of the sports debate, but for his next endeavor (potentially) he’ll have to master the art of the political debate. Appearing on Tuesday’s edition of “First Take,” Smith said he would one day consider running for President — should the American people demand it.

“If the American people wanted me to run for the presidency of the United States of America, I would strongly consider it and I mean it,” Smith said, via “ I mean listen, it ain’t that big of a standard… Let’s call it what it is. I think I got a shot. I don’t know if people would vote for me, but if they convinced me that they wanted me to do it, I would strongly consider it.”

Stephen A Smith, 54, doubled down on his comments on “The Paul Finebaum Show” last week.

“Of course, I’m a Black man, so I would think about the Black community,” Smith said. “But I have always prided myself in stating, ‘I’m not just about Black appeal, I’m about mass appeal.’ And everybody in America would matter.”

Smith, who inked an extension with ESPN in 2019 that pays him $12 million a year, is dipping his toes outside the sports realm. He will launch the “Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith” podcast on September 26 — which will focus on politics, business, entertainment, social issues, and criminal justice.

Stephen A. Smith Returns to ESPN Ahead of 2022 NFL Season

Smith made his return to “First Take” on Aug. 15 following shoulder surgery. In just two weeks, Smith has already made a couple of grand entrances. On last Thursday’s show, Smith arrived to Frisco, Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys’ training facility, in a helicopter alongside team owner Jerry Jones.

Smith and the “First Take” crew were in town for the Cowboys’ first annual Season Kickoff event.

“Howdy! How do you do! Normally, I wouldn’t think of coming to Dallas this time of year. It’s probably too damn hot – and the Cowboys don’t lose games that matter in August,” Smith said. “However, my presence has been requested, so who am I to deny the people of what they want. I have just one favor to ask: can all those folks who were crying on national television when last seen please show up? Haaaaaaaaaaa!”