Evan Engram Shares Heartfelt Moment with Mom After Finding Out He Made the Pro Bowl

by Atlanta Northcutt

How fulfilling is it to see a video of a mother embracing her son after learning he achieved success through hard work and family support?

This video of Evan Engram learning he made the Pro Bowl is one of those “aww…” moments we need right now.

The roster of players selected for the Pro Bowl was announced Monday, and two New York Giants’ players were chosen. Evan Engram and James Bradberry were both first-time selections.

Both players were expecting Zoom calls from the NFL, but not to tell them they were the two Pro Bowlers chosen by the Giants.

Instead, the young men thought they would be meeting former players from their current positions, and they did, but for a completely different reason than they could imagine.

Evan Engram Learns He’s Been Chosen As a Pro Bowler

Howard Cross relayed the news to the Giants’ current tight end, Evan Engram.

During the Zoom meeting, the previous tight end for the New York Giants, Howard Cross, began speaking with Evan.

Engram was talking with Cross about how his mom was visiting to bring presents.

“I was hoping I could give you another gift,” says Cross.

Cross then announces the good news to Evan Engram and his mom, who was in the room with him.

“From tight end to tight end, Congratulations. You won the Pro Bowl,” Cross says with a big smile.

A Moment of Success Shared Between Mother and Son

Engram’s face goes completely blank.

He asks, “What?” while appearing to be in shock. You can hear his mother asking “What?” in the background.

As the shock leads to extreme happiness, surprise and excitement, he begins to grin while putting his hands up to his face.

“Yes, sir,” says Cross. “There it is.”

“Look at your face,” he laughs.

“I appreciate it, man,” replies Engram “I wouldn’t want to hear it from anyone else but you.”

With the look of disbelief still on his face, you see his mom enter the frame, and Evan says, “Come here, Mom.”

The mother and son embrace, as you can hear her crying while he continues hugging her.

Originally scheduled for Las Vegas, the Pro Bowl was canceled this season due to the ongoing pandemic, but the NFL still wanted to honor the Pro Bowlers.

Talk about a holiday gift for the Engram family.