Everson Griffen Continues to Ask Minnesota Vikings to Re-Sign Him, Drives to Team’s Facility

by Charles Craighill

Former Minnesota Vikings defensive End, Everson Griffen, wants to return to the team that drafted him in 2010. After one year away, Griffen is ready to return to Minnesota.

After the 2019 season, he opted out of his contract with the Vikings due to their deal with Kirk Cousins. This took up most of their cap space, so Griffen decided to leave to clear up space for them.

Now, after the 2020 regular season has passed and neither the Vikings nor any team he played for outside of the Vikings made the playoffs, Griffen wants back into the Minnesota locker room. However, Griffen is not the only one to want to see his return. Many Minnesota fans share the sentiment of wanting Everson Griffen to return to the Minnesota Vikings.

In his most recent push, Griffen actually drove to the Vikings’ facilities to try and negotiate. He posted a video to his Instagram of him visiting with a Vikings trainer at their facilities. As of now, neither party has confirmed any movements toward a contract, but Everson Griffen looks to stay vigilant in fighting for a spot on the roster.

At least for the past two and a half days, Everson Griffen has been on the campaign trail to return to the Minnesota Vikings. Considering the mutual respect between the two parties, some kind of agreement might be on the way.

Everson Griffen Time Away from the Minnesota Vikings

In his season-long hiatus from the Minnesota Vikings, Everson Griffen continued to find success with other teams. He signed with the Dallas Cowboys in August of 2020, where he became a productive role player on defense.

Ahead of Week 10 of the season, the Cowboys traded Griffen to the Detroit Lions. He made an impact immediately by sacking Alex Smith in his first game as a Lion. His seven sacks of the 2020 season would have led the Vikings team.