Ex-Notre Dame Assistant Charged with Three Counts of Voyeurism Months After Fall Release

by Charles Craighill

When Notre Dame assistant basketball coach Ryan Ayers unexpectedly left the program, something felt off. He had played for Notre dame for four years, graduating in 2009. After two years as the assistant coach at Bucknell, Ayers returned to the Irish as an assistant. He spent four years under coach Mike Brey before departing in September.

Ayers’s departure felt abrupt. September typically is not the time for a coach to leave, it is usually the time where a team is just getting into full swing ahead of a season. The Notre Dame Athletics Department even gave a very brief and short-winded goodbye to the assistant via Twitter. Nothing about the whole situation made any sense.

Today, the news broke that the former assistant coach has been charged with three counts of voyeurism and one count of domestic battery. The charges came out months after his sudden departure, but the two certainly feel related. From the abrupt exit to the cold shoulder from the organization, these charges help the whole situation make sense.

More details have yet to come out surrounding Ayers’ case, but it will be something to keep eyes out for as the story develops.

Notre Dame Hires New Assistant Coach

Since his departure, the Notre Dame basketball program has replaced Ayers’ assistant position with Scott Martin. Martin is another former Irish basketball player, graduating in 2012. He played guard for the Fighting Irish during his career as a student and rejoined the program last year as a recruiter. When the spot opened up this fall, head coach Brey was quick to call his number.

Martin and Ayers showed a lot of similarities coming into the assistant coaching job. Both were highly touted by coach Brey for the position. Even as players, Brey talked about how he would want to have them as assistant coaches someday. With the season underway now, Martin will have his hands full with getting the players ready… one would, hope he doesn’t have time for voyeurism and battery.