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Extremely Firm Carrot Breaks Star Soccer Player’s Jaw

by Kati Michelle
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Soccer players tend to get a bad rep for feigning injuries and illness out on the field. That’s not what happened here, though. The injury you’re about to see is completely real. Still, that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous. What led to the broken jaw of this soccer player, you may ask?

A carrot. That’s right, Buggs Bunny’s favorite snack. They say carrots actually aid in developing sharper vision, but unfortunately, hindsight remains 20/20 for this soccer star. The extent of his injuries from the cursed root vegetable put him out of commission for weeks. Keep reading to learn more about his unfortunate fate.

Sideline Snack Turns into Nightmare for Soccer Star

The Sun translated a report from Dutch news outlet RTV Noord, breaking down what exactly happened to soccer star Rami Kaib that day. Although the 24-year-old hails from Sweden, his current placement involves Dutch club SC Heerenveen. Unfortunately, the soccer player hasn’t had the easiest run as of late.

Reporter Roelof de Vries told RTV Noord, “Kaib got a big knock on his jaw during a game a while ago.” While the injury caused some discomfort, it wasn’t necessarily considered a medical emergency at the time. That changed all in a matter of moments– or bites. During a routine game, Kaib made his way over to the sidelines for a quick snack break. With a jaw that was already slightly compromised, the carrot proved to be too much. As de Vries put it: “Well, he ate a carrot and that carrot was quite hard. And then, crack—broken jaw. A carrot!”

And poof! Just like that, the soccer star faced a temporary vacation from the game as a resident bench-warmer. Now, the injury and healing process ate up most of August and the beginning of September, but it appears the soccer player is on the path to recovery.

You can check out his latest Instagram post here:

Other Perplexing Injuries

The UPMC reports the most commonly sustained injuries during soccer games as ankle and knee sprains, clavicle fractures, meniscal tears, and concussions. Still, the nature of injuries can be rather unpredictable, and freak accidents do happen. We saw this with the carrot.

Well, how would you like to see some more examples? The Football Faithful compiled a list of the top five strangest soccer injuries sustained over the past few decades. Among them includes a soccer player taking a toddler’s tricycle to an already compromised ankle, and another player tearing his knee after slipping on a puddle of dog urine. Can you imagine explaining that last one to your fans or parents?

Take a look at the bizarre compilation yourself right here: