Falcons’ Jake Matthews Playing in Thursday Night Football Hours After Flying Home for Birth of His Son

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

There are moments in life that are unforgettable and for Jake Matthews to become a dad and play in the NFL on the same day has to be up there. Matthews is having a whirlwind Thursday as he prepares to play on Amazon’s TNF. He’s got a little one to play for out there now.

While his teammates and rivals have been at the stadium for hours, Jake Matthews made a late arrival. Of course, he had a much more important arrival to attend to beforehand.

Jake Matthews Runs to Locker Room

With just a duffel bag, the offensive tackle jogged to the locker room in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. The official uniform of being a dad.

The Atlanta Falcons need Jake Matthews on the line if they want to take down the Carolina Panthers. This Thursday Night Football game could have major implications. If the Falcons find themselves winning, they will be at the top of their division. That’s major.

As for the birth of his child, Matthews and his wife Meggi are happy to welcome their son Beckett to the world. While they didn’t expect their son to be here until Sunday, they will gladly take this false start for Thursday.

So, can Matthews make this already landmark day in his personal life even better with a win? That remains to be seen. He’ll have to get warmed up and stretched out before taking the field. Rushing to the game, he likely has a lot of emotions and adrenaline going through him. I’m sure he’s ready to play football.

Both of these teams have a lot to play for tonight. A win now could change a lot for either the Falcons or the Panthers. Both teams have to find consistency in the backfield with their quarterbacks. The situation is dire in Atlanta. They are on the border of either being at the top of the division or ending up with a losing season and a bad draft position.

As for NFL fans, they are just hoping for a good game on Thursday night. There have been some real snoozers and if the game is at least competitive and fun, who cares who wins?