Family Who Lives Next To Augusta National Keeps Turning Down Millions for Their House

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Sometimes, location can be everything. This is what one Georgia couple knows well, as they continue turning down seven-figure offers to stay in their home. A house that sits right next to the world-renowned Augusta National golf course.

For decades now, Georgia’s Augusta National has been spending hundreds of millions buying up property around the prominent golf course. To date, the golf course has invested around $200 million in this effort.

However, there is one small patch of land – around 1,900 square feet of land to be exact – that the course has not been able to acquire. Despite regular efforts to do so. And, it doesn’t look like the course will be updating in that area anytime soon, either.

Augusta National Has Been Adding On To the Prominent Course For Decades, With the Exception of One Specific Area

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Augusta National golf course has spent over $200 million since 1999 to purchase properties covering as much as 270 acres. These acquisitions have led to updates that have nearly doubled the size of the course. The acquisitions have also turned former property owners into instant millionaires. One neighborhood, which is now a free parking lot for the course, was once a popular location full of homes. But, golf course officials offered residents offers too tempting to turn down. In all, Augusta National spent $40 million turning this area into a vast parking area.

However, one area couple, Herman and Elizabeth Thacker, has made it abundantly clear that no offer is enticing enough to convince them to leave their home. And, even as the offers from the golf course officials continue to increase, the Georgia couple refuses to sell their property bordering the golf course.

“We really don’t want to go,” says Elizabeth Thacker.

“Money ain’t everything,” adds Herman Thacker.

Zillow Estimates the Georgia Home’s Value at Around $330,000…But to the Owners, the House Is Priceless

The 1,900 square foot Georgia home sits adjacent to the above-mentioned parking-lot property. The three-bedroom home sits on a land the size of about two-thirds of an acre. Zillow estimates the property to be worth about $330,000. Much, much lower than the millions the Augusta National golf course has offered the couple. But, none of this matters to the Thackers. Even when their once-thriving neighborhood fills with visitors and traffic once a year when the Masters comes to town.

In fact, the couple doesn’t mind the Masters crowd at all. Sometimes they’ll even strike up a conversation or two with the golf fans.

Plus, living adjacent to the world-renowned golf course has its perks. One of the Thackers’ grandchildren, 35-year-old Scott Brown became so fond of the sport that he has joined the professionals. However, he has yet to make it to the Masters. There’s no doubt he’ll likely have a place to stay once he does, though!

While the Thackers don’t know if they ever will sell, they certainly plan to stay in the family home as of now. But, they say, the offers continue. One club official still stops by every once in a while to let the couple know the offers still stand.

“He’ll come by here every so often,” says Herman.

“And he’ll say: ‘Just want to let you know we’re still interested in your property,'” he adds. “And we’ll tell him the same thing again.”