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Fans Concerned About Terry Bradshaw After Noticing ‘Mistakes’ in NFL Sunday Halftime Show

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ian Maddox for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Terry Bradshaw is an NFL legend both on the field and in the broadcast booth, but his latest showing on NFL Sunday has fans worried. The four-time Super Bowl champion has been part of FOX’s coverage of the league for years. Is it time for him to step aside?

Now, no matter what, social media is going to be an example of the harshest views. So, take it with a grain of salt if you want. However, there have been more than a handful of people saying that Terry Bradshaw’s time has passed him by.

After his latest halftime show performance, fans were left with a lot of questions. At times, it felt like he was just rambling about nothing. Just loosely tying everything back together to the main points at hand. Then again, sports commentary isn’t exactly an academic lecture.

With how open he’s been about his personal health struggles, Bradshaw has shown that he can be reflective on this matter. He just doesn’t seem like he’s willing to give it up. Don’t expect to see him stepping down from his role any time soon. Although his show The Bradshaw Bunch was recently canceled due to his health.

NFL Fans Worried About Terry Bradshaw

On social media, NFL fans were expressing their opinion about Terry Bradshaw on the halftime show. NFL Sunday is a tradition for many families. Bradshaw has been there for years, pretty much this Outsider’s entire life. Maybe it is getting to be about time.

“Terry Bradshaw’s rambling going over the game scores in the half time show was awful,” one fan said.

Meanwhile, others shared the same sentiment with a different combination of words.

“Time for Terry Bradshaw to retire, he’s not as sharp as he used to be,” another person said.

There are a lot of different media personalities out there, especially in 2022. It feels like there is a former player from every team out there on one show or another. Amazon Prime has shown that a young panel of former NFL players can be very successful.

Will FOX move on from their usual panel any time soon? It won’t be this season, but it would be hard to see this lineup lasting for 2023.