Fans Go Wild After Cowboys LB Micah Parsons Dominates the Giants O-Line

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Monday Night Football action and Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons is out here making grown men look like children. Parsons is just 23 years of age and he already looks like one of the best players in the NFL. Out of Penn State, he showed off some of that Nittany Lion grit against the Giants’ offensive line.

After a play like this one below, I’d be terrified if I was Daniel Jones in the backfield. What can you even do to stop this?

Mark Glowinski got a real up close and personal interaction with Micah Parsons. It only lasted for a second though, didn’t it? Before you could blink Glowinski was on the ground and Parsons was in the backfield – just missing the sack.

Fans Go Wild for Micah Parsons

As soon as the video of that play hit Twitter, fans were losing their minds. Micah Parsons has arrived on the primetime stage. This is a low-scoring game and these defensive plays have made it a lot more exciting than it would otherwise be.

All you can do is laugh.

While watching Micah Parsons do what he does is like watching art being made – the rest of the Cowboys aren’t so much fun. This fan just wants to see fewer penalties, everything else as far as Parsons is concerned is great.

Now look, I’m not going to claim to speak Spanish. However, it doesn’t take much t know exactly what this fan is saying here. It’s the reaction that everyone who watched in real-time had. “Micah Parsons is crazy.”

Parsons is doing things that few defensive players in the NFL can do and he’s a second-year player. The sky seems to be the limit for the young linebacker. While the Cowboys have plenty of issues and are going through some injury problems as well, they can look at No. 11 with pride.

The Cowboys will try to win this grind-it-out game against the Giants. It hasn’t been pretty on Monday Night, but we might see some exciting things in the second half of the game. Dallas and New York, a great old-school rivalry. Let’s see who gets the advantage before the clock hits 0:00.