Fans Roast Kirk Herbstreit For Having a Personal Foot Warmer During College GameDay in Montana

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Dan Sanger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

This morning the College GameDay crew and Kirk Herbstreit learned just how cold Montana can be in November. Dressed in his best John Dutton look, the college football analyst might have looked sharp, but it was clear that he was chilled to the bone. Not much you can really do in close to single-digit weather.

The thing that caught most fans’ eyes during a commercial break, was the fact that Kirk Herbstreit had a personal foot warmer. And no, I’m not talking about a gadget or machine. Not talking about hot hands in his shoes. This is a person designated to rub his feet warm.

Seriously, look at this video shared by the student newspaper of the University of Montana.

Fans Can’t Believe Kirk Herbstreit Has a Foot Warmer

So, it turns out, Herbstreit isn’t built for that Yellowstone life. While his outfit was complimented by many, the consensus was that it was all a bit over the top. After all, folks in Montana don’t actually dress like that in real life. The presentation was great, but it was a little embarrassing behind the scenes.

“[Kirk Herbstreit] and his fake [Yellowstone] costume was exposed when he had some girl taking his booties off to rub his old feet,” one person tweeted.

With all of that expensive gear on, he couldn’t find a good pair of boots or something? This is just too much going on. Maybe Kirk Herbstreit can talk to Tony Gonzalez. He’s the king of staying warm at the broadcast booth. When fans see you getting foot rubs between segments, they aren’t going to let you hear the end of it.

“So you’re telling me [Kirk Herbstreit] dressed like a dude from Yellowstone but he couldn’t figure out how to keep his feet warm?” another person said.

While all of those clothes looked nice, they were a little over the top. When Herbstreit first came on screen, you couldn’t tell if he was John Dutton or Indiana Jones.

“Montana’s just flaming him cause literally NOBODY dresses like that here in the winter. He thought this was Yellowstone and it ain’t,” another fan tweeted.

So, what is your take on Herbstreit and his look? Actually, forget that. Why the heck does he have someone out there rubbing his feet??? The college football analyst was playing the part, I get that. First thing is first in cold weather, though, get some good, warm boots.