Fans Slam NFL Over Another Dreadful TNF Matchup

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Apparently, Amazon Prime wants to punish NFL fans. After a pitiful performance in last week’s game between the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos, fans aren’t exactly looking forward to this week’s Thursday Night Football game between the Washington Commanders and Chicago Bears.

Last week’s game between the Broncos and Colts was one of the worst primetime clashes we’ve seen. Indianapolis edged out Denver 12-9 in overtime. No touchdowns were scored in the nearly 70 minutes of game action.

Fans don’t have much optimism that this week’s game will be much better. They’re letting the NFL hear about it, too.

Plenty of hilarious comments inundated Twitter and other social media platforms in anticipation of this lukewarm TNF matchup.

“Just because it’s TNF doesn’t mean you have to watch Commanders vs. Bears,” SB Nation wrote. “It isn’t worth it.”

For those of us who are gluttons for punishment, kickoff between the Commanders (1-4) and Bears (2-3) is set for 7:15 p.m. CT. The game will be broadcast through Amazon Prime Video.

Al Michaels Threatens Retirement with Another Awful TNF Game

How bad was last week’s Thursday Night Football game? Legendary sports broadcaster Al Michaels is contemplating retirement if this week’s contest looks as bad as the Colts-Broncos disaster.

“If we don’t have a better game than we had last Thursday then I may retire,” Michaels said in an appearance on Waddle & Silvy on ESPN Chicago. “I’ve done pretty close to 800 NFL games, and with all due respect, guys are trying, I understand, and we all know that, but that was grim.

“It was a terrible performance and a bad game. Hopefully that’s a one-off.”

Clearly, NFL fans don’t have much optimism that this week’s matchup between two teams under .500 will be much better. Then again, it really can’t get any worse than what we witnessed last week — can it?