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‘College GameDay’ Fans Call for Lee Corso To Retire Ahead of National Championship

by Jonathan Howard
Lee Corso during College GameDay
(Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Folks are preparing to watch TCU take on Georgia. However, fans are a little uneasy after watching Lee Corso on College GameDay. It might be time for coach to hang it up. Corso turns 88 later this year and it has become a little more than obvious to college football fans.

We heard it earlier in the season when Lee Corso missed weeks of the season with illness. Then we saw more of it when he had some flubs and miscues on set. No one likes seeing their favorites age, but it is a fact of life.

People aren’t trying to be mean, they just want what’s best for Coach Corso.

Nothing lasts forever. That’s the sad reality of it. But that doesn’t mean that people don’t appreciate what Lee Corso has done for the sport of college football.

There were more than a few fans watching at home that felt retirement might not be a bad idea. He’s done a lot in his career. Still, it makes you a little uneasy watching him on TV.

Fans Think Lee Corso’s Time Has Come

The history of College GameDay is long and pretty much all of it includes Lee Corso. ESPN brought hype and an insane atmosphere to dozens of college campuses for decades. Corso was the figurehead.

Now, fans aren’t so sure about him being on the show.

“It’s time for Lee Corso to retire…,” a fan noted.

People are hoping that this is just ESPN letting Corso have one last game. The national championship game is important to guys like Coach Corso. Viewers are hoping that this is the swan song for him.

“ESPN…please let Lee Corso hang it up after this game tonight,” another viewer said.

Folks are just worried about someone they look up to and admire. That’s really what this is. While it is a lot of fun having him on the show, it has become something that a lot of fans just can’t ignore.

It isn’t like anyone is making him go on TV. At least, one wouldn’t think so. Perhaps the parties involved know the writing is on the wall. It might be for the best if this is Lee Corso’s last game.