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DC Defenders of XFL Release Statement Proving the Franchise Pro Beer Snake

by Suzanne Halliburton
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Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

XFL fans, rejoice! The beer snake will make its return for the DC Defenders game Sunday, so long as fans don’t get too rowdy.

The team’s Twitter account posted the fantastic news, Saturday, as the Defenders prep for their Sunday home game at Audi Stadium against the St. Louis Battlehawks.

There was some anxiety about whether the beer snake ever could be seen again at this XFL venue. Fans got too drunk and disorderly during the home opener. But more on that later.

The Defenders account tweeted: “Defenders Fam… THE BEER SNAKE IS FREED. Keep the tradition alive. Please drink responsibly and respect each other and Audi Field.” And of course there were hashtags — #defendDC and #beersnake

Beer Snake Tradition Started When XFL Kicked Off in 2020

Now, if you’re like a ton of folks, you may be asking “what the hell is a beer snake?” We looked that up so you won’t have to do so.

Beer snakes are a worldwide sporting phenomenom. They usually show up at very long games or matches, like cricket. When the XFL was revived in 2020, DC Defender fans started a beer snake tradition. Even commissioner Oliver Luck, father of former NFL great Andrew Luck, got into the act, helping stack some beer cups.

Back in March, 2020, XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck helped out fans with the beer snake. (Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

But alas, it was short-lived. The pandemic shut down the league. Then Dwayne Johnson bought the XFL when it went bankrupt. After a three-year absence, it kicked off last month.

And out came the beer snake. Fans stacked empty (or semi-empty) beer cups and formed a long snake. Fans from different sections started adding more cups. A really good snake looks like it’s dancing across the stands. And it all fit in perfectly with the league.

The XFL wants to be cool and hip, giving off a different vibe than the more button-downed NFL. It is spring football, after all. So let’s go beer snakes. But it got out of hand in the home opener.

Bummer. Security Started Confiscating Beer Cups Last Month

Security started confiscating the snakes to the horror of the fans. Some of the rowdier (drunker) fans started throwing the lemon wedges that had been in the cups onto the field. Enough folks started tweeting about it that the term “beer snake” and “free the snake” went viral. This could’ve been an XFL guerilla marketing effort. You can’t pay for this kind of publicity for a fledgling league seeking an audience.

But the Defenders established some rules. If you go, you can only make the snakes in two sections of the stadium. The cups must be empty. And fans aren’t allowed to throw the cups to other sections to add to the beer snake. Plus, never, ever throw the cups onto the field. Or else, you’ll lose your XFL stadium privileges for the day.

Sunday’s game features a battle of the league unbeatens. Plus, it’ll have an SEC flavor. Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron leads the Battlehawks, while ex Ole Miss QB Jordan Ta’amu directs the Defenders offense.

So drink up and stack those cups!