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WATCH: Buffalo Bills Tailgater Goes Viral for Falling Into Bus While Playing Dizzy Bat

by Dustin Schutte
buffalo bills tailgaters
(Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)

Always be aware of your surroundings. That’s an important lesson one Buffalo Bills tailgater learned while playing a round of Dizzy Bat before Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Everything seemed to be going just fine for the Bills fan in the early portion of the game. He chugged the beer, spun around the bat several times — both tasks he accomplished masterfully.

Then, he had to try to regain his balance. That’s where the problem hit him square in the face. Literally.

The tailgater slammed headfirst into the front of a bus while trying to keep his balance. There was both laughter and signs of concern from some of his fellow tailgaters after smacking his head.

Let’s be honest, it does look incredibly painful. It’s also … kinda funny, right?

Hopefully, this particular tailgater didn’t suffer any serious injuries after slamming his face into a bus. He probably felt some pain, though, both physically and to his ego.

Inadvertent Pain a Theme in Buffalo

Apparently, suffering some inadvertent pain was a theme in Buffalo on Sunday. Not only did one Bills tailgater smash his face into a bus, a sideline reporter got wiped out during Sunday’s game.

During the game, Bills receiver Stefon Diggs got pushed out of bounds while trying to make a touchdown catch. His speed, the slippery ground and the push from a Bills defensive player sent him into the wall behind the endzone.

Unfortunately, that’s where one sideline reporter was standing. Diggs inadvertently wiped out the sideline reporter in a nasty collision.

The good news? Both the reporter and Diggs looked to be OK after the crash. The receiver stuck around a few extra seconds to be sure she wasn’t injured, too.

Nobody was safe in Buffalo on Sunday. Fans, reporters, and even the Bills, suffered some pain this weekend.