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WATCH: Eagles Fans Throw Eggs at 49ers Fans During NFC Championship Tailgate

by Dustin Schutte
eagles fans cheering
(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Some 49ers fans attending Sunday’s NFC Championship Game might be leaving Philadelphia with egg on their faces. Literally. A number of Eagles die-hards “greeted” their friends from San Francisco by pelting them with the delicious breakfast food during the pregame tailgate.

A video posted to Twitter on Sunday showed a number of Eagles fans throwing eggs at 49ers fans walking around the area near Lincoln Financial Field. There were also plenty of double birds and “pleasantries” tossed around.

Nothing quite like Philadelphia during the NFL playoffs, right?

Every opposing fan expects to hear some negative comments from Eagles fans when in Philadelphia. That’s the nature of the beast. But getting egged before kickoff seems a bit extreme.

I mean, is Philadelphia not aware of the egg shortage?!

Wisely, the visiting 49ers fans appeared to keep it moving and didn’t want to stir up any more trouble. If eggs are the penalty for simply wearing San Francisco gear, who knows what might happen if something gets said.

Eagles Fans Get Into It with Joey Bosa

49ers fans weren’t the only ones catching heat from Eagles supporters on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field. Joey Bosa, the older brother of San Francisco’s Nick Bosa, also had an unpleasant encounter.

Prior to kickoff, a few Eagles fans exchanged words with Bosa, a star pass rusher for the Los Angeles Chargers. When they asked the NFL defensive end about his fines for criticizing league officials, he went off.

“They’re good because I can afford them,” Bosa yelled at the Eagles fan, following a jab about fines he has to pay for prior comments regarding NFL officiating. “I’m f—ing rich. You f—ing broke b—-.”

Eventually, Bosa and the rest of his party walked away.

Philadelphia fans have a way of getting under just about everyone’s skin. Whether you’re a friend or family member, be cautious if you’re wearing opposing colors at Lincoln Financial Field.