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Fantasy Football Championship Week: Best (and Worst) League Loser Punishments

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Adamkaz via Getty Images)

For many fantasy football leagues, the stakes are pretty low. The winning team gets a prize and the losing team gets the first pick in the following season’s draft. In recent years, leagues have started raising the stakes for losers. They’re doing this by adding punishments for the last-place team. This accomplishes two main goals. First, it makes things more interesting. More importantly, it keeps an underperforming team from throwing the season to get that first pick.

These punishments are limited only by the imaginations of the members of the league and what they’re willing to agree to. They can be minor inconveniences or year-long hassles. A losing team’s owner could end up hurt, embarrassed, or out hundreds of dollars. It all depends on what the members of the league can come up with.

Here are some of the best (or worst) league loser punishments from around the internet.

Embarrassing Fantasy Football Loser Punishments

Even without a set punishment on the books, losing carries its own shame. By adding one of these punishments to your league’s rules, you can add a little more weight to that shame. Just be sure to keep in mind that anyone can end up on the bottom at the end of the season, don’t bet more than you’re willing to lose.

Wearing A Rival Team’s Jersey

If you’re playing fantasy football, you’re obviously a football fan. It stands to reason that you have a favorite team. One way to break the last-place team owner’s spirit is to make him wear a jersey of his team’s rival. It can’t just be a one-time thing though. Maybe, make him wear it at every league event or every time he goes to his favorite sports bar. Be creative.

Holding a Sign

If jerseys aren’t your thing, you could always make your fantasy football league’s loser hold an embarrassing sign in public. The message of the sign should be simple and reflect how poorly they chose throughout the season. Keep the sign focused on how poorly they did in the season to give it some effective and relevant punch. A simple “I suck at fantasy football” sign would probably do the trick.

Painful League Loser Punishments

If you’re not looking to embarrass your league’s loser, maybe you can cause them a little pain. Losing hurts and these things will make that pain physical.

Hot Wax Hell

Ladies have been waxing their legs and eyebrows for decades. It’s quicker than shaving and the benefits last longer. However, if you’re not having your hair yanked out with hot wax, it can be an incredibly painful ordeal.

You can get an at-home hot wax kit and make your league’s loser’s legs silky smooth in an afternoon. He won’t soon forget how painful it was to come in last and will work even harder to get the win next season. As a bonus, he will have to live with his newly smooth legs until the hair grows back. When it does start growing back, it will itch like nobody’s business. This is one of those punishments that will stick with your loser for quite some time.

For an added layer of embarrassment, have the fantasy football league pitch in to get it done at a salon. The loser will feel more comfortable around his friends while going through the ordeal. Watching him trying not to humiliate himself while a professional waxes his legs might be more entertaining for everyone else.

Loser Tattoos

Tattoos are generally painful. Getting a tattoo you don’t want would be even worse. A punishment tattoo would be a whole new level of mental and physical pain. Make your loser get a tattoo to commemorate the season. Keep in mind, these tattoos don’t even need to be fantasy football related. Just anything dumb would work. Again, be creative.

This is an extreme punishment but if everyone is on board, it could be incredibly entertaining.

Expensive League Loser Punishments

If your league is full of folks who don’t take themselves seriously and have high pain tolerances, there’s one sure-fire way to make a punishment work. Hit them where it really hurts: right in the wallet.

Host League Events

Whether it’s the draft or other events, hosing the fantasy football league could get expensive fast. Especially if you stipulate that they feed everyone a decent meal and buy good beer for the occasion. Even burgers or pizza could put a dent in the pocketbook if your league is big enough. If you add the cost of decent beer to that bill, you’re looking at some serious money.

As an added bonus, if your league loser is married, there’s a good chance that hosting events will land him in the doghouse. A dozen or so drunk, loud, and hungry sports fans in the house might cause a little marital tension. That’s a punishment in and of itself.