Fantasy Football Guru Matthew Berry Launches After Departure from ESPN

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Surprising news dropped last week with fantasy football analyst Matthew Berry announcing via Twitter that he would be leaving ESPN after 15 years with the network. He followed it up with a reply, which said: “I’m really excited about the future but there will be plenty of time to talk about that before the season.”

This morning, Berry’s immediate future was officially revealed:

Berry created the website to piggyback on the success of his long-running Fantasy Life Newsletter, which is free and has over 300,000 subscribers. The website launched two months ago, but it still looks very much in its infancy. It will include written content, videos, draft and league management “tools” and more. And it is all free.

George Miller of European Gaming had an in-depth write-up that featured Spotlight Sports Group (SSG). He says that “launched early this month using SSG’s expertise in site infrastructure and technology.”

“When anyone looks to do something right in fantasy sports, they find Spotlight Sports Group,” Berry said in a statement. “Their product division in the U.S. has delivered top-notch solutions for many in fantasy sports and sports betting. And we wanted to partner with the best.”

Are Any Other Moves on the Table for Matthew Berry?

More Matthew Berry rumors have been swirling around the NFL world since his announcement last week. Andrew Marchand of the New York Post believed NBC Sports would be a potential landing spot for the 52-year-old Berry.

“I could see him doing a daily show of some sort. Maybe a Sunday Night Football component where he’s on the air sometimes,” Marchand predicts. “He has 1.1 million followers on Twitter, he’s a New York Times best seller. He’s good on the air, and that’s [a skill] that not everyone who’s into fantasy sports has.”

It is yet to be seen if Berry wants to only focus on as his next career move or just continue to cultivate that following on the side. If Berry is truly a free agent in the sports media landscape, he will be a very valuable one. Fantasy football has boomed over the past couple of decades. There is no doubt that he is a big reason why.