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Is This the Fastest High School Football Referee of All-Time?

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

High school football can get just as intense as the college or pro leagues. This high school referee learned that the hard way as he chased after a running back from one endzone to the other.

The South Carolina football ref made viral history on Twitter, with someone on the sideline capturing him in action at a local game. The ref starts by himself at one end of the field, but he takes extraordinarily long strides to catch up to the play happening on the other end. He zips past the camera and closes in on the two high school football teams battling it out by the other endzone. From this angle, it looks like he almost catches up to the running back heading for a touchdown.

Check out the “Fastest Ref Alive” for yourself in Outsider’s Tweet below.

Outsider learned that the ref’s name is Chauntel Bland, and he’s from Columbia, South Carolina. When Barstool Sports initially posted the clip, he commented on it and said, “By the way, I am the ref in question! For real!”

After that, Bland started interacting with several of the fans who commented on the post about his crazy speed and… interesting running method.

Super Fast High School Football Ref Talks to Fans on Twitter

High school football ref Chauntel Bland found out about his viral video after a few fans tagged him on Twitter. That’s when he fessed up about being the man in question.

When another Twitter user commented, “Bro you look like you’re running on hot coals. You was movin tho,” he replied, “Whatever works!”

Bland thanked another fan who wrote, “Thanks for being a youth ref and helping out your community.”

And when one fan tried to joke about the run, Bland took it as a compliment. “Running in your 30’s when you forget to stretch and the Advil hasn’t kicked in yet,” the Twitter user wrote. The high school football ref responded, “Thirties? Gee thanks. I am the subject of the video and three weeks shy of my 46 birthday!”

Few 46-year-olds would be able to keep up with a pace like that, even if some fans worry about the strain the running method puts on Bland’s body.

“Don’t be afraid to use some hamstring my guy,” Twitter user Andrew Spruill commented.

“Double knee and hip replacements?” another fan named John Adams said.

A surprising number of people also compared Bland’s style of running to what they imagine they look like when running in a dream. You know the feeling: Your legs feel like they’re made of molasses and they refuse to cooperate as you’re heading away or toward something. Too many fans on Twitter related.

“this is exactly how i run in a dream,” one fan said. “This is how I run in nightmares,” another commented.

Either way, it looks like no one’s catching up to Chauntel Bland anytime soon!