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FedEx Field May Have Another Sewage Problem

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)

The Washington Football Team got a much-needed win against the Seattle Seahawks but FedEx Field could have a problem.

FedEx Field is home to the Washington Football Team and is one of the top football stadiums in the NFL. It appears, however, that FedEx Field might have a serious plumbing problem on its hands. Just a few months after a similar incident, pipes inside FedEx Field have once again failed. What is coming out of those pipes is even more disturbing. Fans attending the Monday Night Football matchup say the busted pipe, or pipes, were leaking sewage. I think I speak for everyone when I say, “that’s gross,” and need to be fixed promptly. Fans at the game flooded social media with videos and pictures of the leaking pipes. Check out this tweet that shows water pouring from the ceiling inside the FedEx Field stadium.

“Don’t know how this happens once, let alone twice.” the Twitter post proclaims.

As you can see from the brief clip, fans are intently watching as water flows out of the busted pipes. Some fans seem to be watching the leaking pipes more than they are watching the game. This tweet is far from the only social media post dealing with leaky FedEx Field stadium. Here is another one that shows the incident a little bit closer.

“Welcome to FedEx field where the pipes refuse to work,” another social media user says.

The team put out a statement on Tuesday saying the sprinklers are to blame for the downpour.

“It was not sewage,” a team spokesperson says. “The sprinkler just went off.”

FedEx Field Springs a Leak in Middle of Football Game

As previously mentioned, a similar leaking pipes incident occurred at FedEx Field earlier in season. Shortly after the incident went viral, Washington Football Team officials put out a statement. They claimed that the leaking water was just rainwater and that fans affected by the leak were moved into suites.

While it very well may have the sprinklers, it seems odd that this incident has happened twice in the same season.

Washington Football Fans braving the leaky FedEx Stadium were treated to a compelling matchup. The Football Team defeated the Seattle Seahawks by a final score of 17-15. Washington moves to 5-6 on the season, while the Seahawks drop to 3-8 in a disappointing season.

The win keeps Washington in the NFC playoffs chase and there is no presumed leader of the pack. Russel Wilson, the Seahawks’ star quarterback has not looked like himself since returning from injury. He finished his night at FedEx Field with under 250 passing yards and a pair of touchdowns to no interceptions. Taylor Heinicke played reasonably well for the Washington Football Team, leading them to victory over the Seahawks.